Many areas of the media suggested that Ajax captain and Belgian international Jan Vertonghen was at White Hart Lane on Sunday and it was therefore assumed that the defender would soon become Tottenham’s first signing of the summer.

Stories in the Daily Mail however claim that while that should have been the case, the two clubs involved are deadlocked over the player’s fee.

The report goes on to state that while only informal talks have taken place so far, Spurs are looking to offer £7m for the player while Ajax are holding out for around £2m more.

We’ve discussed Vertonghen many times on this site and there don’t seem to be too many dissenting voices regarding his ability. Harry has asked Tottenham to be bold in their dealings so is this a case where we should just pay up or risk seeing the player’s agent drive him a few miles down the road?



  1. I would just pay the extra 2m. I can already picture WHAT WILL HAPPEN!! Levy haggles over 2m and then he signs for Ars&l or Barca, who pay what Ajax want; in the meantime we sign another CB for 7m and he turns out to be totally useless and we end up paying more money anyway to replace him. Levy, in my eyes a chairman we can be proud of – probably the best in the Prem for what he does, but sometimes he can be the obstacle in our way! We don’t have CL confirmed, even if Chelsea lose, we still need to qualify – Ars, Barca and others ARE Qualified and probably can offer more wagesm so I don’t know why we are haggling over 2m – sell Bassong for 2m or/and another deadwood player to make up the difference!!

  2. It does seem to be the case that we can’t give Bassong away – having seen his performances on TV I’m not surprised. Levy will work it out, and if he doesn’t he knows what he’s doing. I trust his transfer dealings more than any involving Harry!!

  3. Ugh… This is not our money people, and 2m more will assure is a quality player in a position we need to bulk up at, but this is not usually how we play it. I do not think we’ll pony up since he want to leave, but somebody will. Perhaps he wants to play in London, so I think we are the best choice. Arsenal is stacked at CB, only Chelsea could bid as well even if they are full too? We know we are the best destination for first team play, he too, so we can afford to haggle a bit. Interesting though that a player like him would prefer Spurs than a Euro traditional power like Ajax. Currently we are the superior squad, and perhaps thats all it takes these days. We would be silly to think were as prestigious.

  4. Why in God’s name are we going to haggle over a couple of Million for a class defender that we desperately need to go forward. You could sell Dos Santos, Jenas, Bentley or Corluka any one would more than make up the diference.
    Aslo time to sell BAE and get a left back who can actually defend. Now is not the time to count pennies. We need to take the next step, with the new stadium on the horizon we have to start winning and playing at the top level in Europe, Gallas, Nelson and BAE are not going to get us there.

  5. BAE is one of my favorite Spurs players, and a first class left defender he Wont be sold yet. Playing Bale at left back could force him away, but I dont think we want that. Actually think Bale would be just as good as left back as he would stay om the left then. Bae contributes going forward and suit or style perfect. Actually also think he Can defend sole recless passes that is all.

    • I like BAE quite a bit. Yes, he occasionally makes an error, but instead of just booting the ball up field (50/50) he’s excellent at playing the ball calmly out of the back. I’d say the net result is a LOT fewer turn-overs and starting some good attacking plays. That’s what we need from all of the back 4.

      Having said that, I would rather Bale start playing at LB, and BAE is too good to sit on the bench.
      With Bale at LB, like you say, he’ll be forced to stay out wide and his strength — even more than his speed — is his stamina.
      Even at LM, his best runs happen when he starts the runs deep — which he would be doing exclusively at LB.
      Having Bale at LB would ADD an attacking player (since Bale would effectively still be one) and would open the LM spot to someone else (Niko could finally have a spot and his lack of pace would be balanced by Bale on the overlap).

      Lloris (or similar)
      Walker Kaboul(Dawson) Vertonghen(Caulker) Bale
      Modric (Hudd) Sandro (Parker/Livermore)
      Lennon (Hoillet) VdV Niko

      Alternate players in () — but we need to rotate them in!

  6. Yep, definitely get Jan the Man in before anyone else does, be that Barca, Arsenal or United who are all credited with an interest. Why not offer the £7m + Bassong or any of the others mentioned above…? Failing that, take the plunge. £9m for the Eredivisie player of the year, an international defender reputed to be close to Kompany’s level and someone who has shown sufficient interest to visit us?? Christ, let’s get our act together. It’s simple peeps. Get this one done.

  7. I think Cyril Knowles has got a point. BAE is a top bloke with a brilliant hairdo, and going forward he is excellent. However, defensivley he can get himself in trouble and every player is better when they have some genuine competition for their place in the team. BAE has no real competition, Danny Rose has a lot of improving to do before he is good enough for the premiership.

  8. So many accepting a report in the Daily Mail as fact. With their track record pardon me for being sceptical. I’m sure that Spurs, Ajax,the player and his agent have all explained the minute detail of the negotiations to the Mail in person. When I read the Daily Mail sports pages it brings on nostalgia. It reminds me of the game we we played years ago-Chinese whispers. Wonder why no journalist has put their name to the article.


  10. Same old king CAPON messing big clubs about with joke offers what a ridiculus chairman and club you’s TOBY’s are go and play with villa and try and get BENT back for another 17 mil EAST EAST London COYI!

  11. I have a lot of confidence in Levy’s negotiation skills and hope he pulls the trigger on this one. Jan V. is a very skilled player and we cannot continue to hope that King/Gallas/Dawson are fit to play. We need to find a reliable partner for Kaboul and he seems to fit the bill. I honestly don’t think that AJAX’s asking prices of 9M is outrageous.

  12. There are times to be shrewd and Mr. Levy is one of the best at it. But there are times to be shrewd like win buying squad playings and prospects. But for a top class defender like Vert who could set our defence for years and 9mill is more than reasonable. No brainer really.

    • Ajax will hold out. They don’t want to lose him for that. I can see Barca ante up, they need help back there, but I believe he want to stay focused on London.

  13. I think we need to get the deal very quickly. Ajax might jack up price if Chelsea lose. I also fear that if this deal doesn’t go through in the next week to two weeks Vert’s won’t becoming just like all those other studs that just had to cross the t’s and dot the i’s in there contract. URGHH!! most painful and nerve-wrecking week ever!

  14. Agree that Bale should be at left back. The opposition always double up on him now, but no team is going to mark a full-back or even have a plan to stop one.

    Maybe this would leave room for Piennar to start challenging for a place too…?

    Oh, and yes we should just pay the extra £2mil for Vertonghen!!

  15. yeah,,,just pay up you tight cuzt….or are you already trying to fuk up next years chances! nice1 Blake….using shrewd instead of joo ! #:)


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