Tottenham’s captain Ledley King is due to hold talks with the club over the next few weeks with regards to his future as his contract starts to run out.

Ledley was guaranteed a new deal if he reached 20 games for Spurs last season and although he ultimately fell short of that target, the feeling in the press, at least, is that a new contract will be on the table ahead of 2012-13.

There is, of course, the option for King to turn it down and some reports suggest that there will be no shortage of offers from elsewhere if he were to leave the Lane. Reading are believed to have shown an interest and some clubs may look to the situation with Jonathon Woodgate as a precedent – Woody was released after an injury hit few years only to feature on a fairly regular basis for Stoke.

Overall however, it seems more likely that Ledley will be here as a player for one more year at least but is it the right decision for all concerned?



  1. Interesting to note that on BBC his stats show he played 21 league games and 2 cup games last season, meaning he should be entitled to his new deal

  2. He’s not gonna play as you play like king CAPON levy wants, so he’s off to reading and joining the exodus of vdv to Germany Modric to the mancs and Defoe anywhere but the sinking ship. All spuds get your TOTTANIC T-shirts from E13. Come in captain Harry and the potato heads your time is up. COYI!

    • haha and that was the comments from the chipmunk go believe you are an litle asian dude with a small dick, i will show you real dick. you say sinking ship? your club is citys feeder club

  3. The bad news is that Spurs have missed out on getting Brendan Rodgers. Just shows how clueless Levy is. He brings in Santini and Ramos. He goes behind Jol’s back to undermine him. Now he wants to keep a manager who has no interest or idea on how to coach young players and is a tactical joke. Unfortunately it looks like Spurs will be going backwards next season. What a waste of a good squad.

  4. Karl you are a proper spud you can’t even work out I’m WESTHAM and I hop your not being racist towards our Asian friends tut tut

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    • i can’t see how you can try to take the piss out of our club it really doesn’t make sense when you support Westham a team that couldn’t even finish in the automatic promotion positions in the championship!!! Dream on you will never be as big as us!

      • Over 55000 at Wembley and the thousands in central London without tickets even spud boys I know who are cab drivers reckon they’ve never seen nothing like it before. Apparently they wouldn’t of minded being Westham for the day. Plus a 60000 stadium in the bag I’d say were at least as big if not bigger already .never mind FORTUNES ALWAYS HIDING!


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