There are two very different sides to the same story in the press today as one of Spurs’ fringe players is set to decide his future. Some sections of the media claim that Steven Pienaar will look to stay and impress AVB while others suggest that Everton will now pursue their interest now that a Head Coach has been appointed at the Lane.

“I’ll wait and see who is appointed at Spurs. I need to know if I’ll still be used,” Pienaar said last month.

The fee involved has been put at around £6m and that may even be enough to deter the Toffees. However the story develops it seems that Steven Pienaar may be the first fringe squad member to have his future settled one way or the other.



  1. Pienaar would actually work pretty well as 1 of a 3 man midfield as he has a good work rate and can be very creative.
    I wouldn’t be too surprised if he now stays.
    I would expect VDV and maybe Modric to leave before Pienaar does.

  2. Why would Everton pay £6m for a player who is 30 and who they sold for £2m!? If pienaar wants to stay – fine. If he doesn’t then there’s no point in keeping him

  3. it’s been reported that pienaar will wait to see if he fits into AVB’s plans if so he will stay at spurs, last season when he returned to everton he was full of praise for david moyes and the everton fans, he has lied to moyes and the fans as he doesn’t give two hoots about the club and as proved that he’s interested in himself always has been and always will be, moyes needs to tell pienaar sorry mate we don’t need you plus £6 mil for a 30 year old player who needs leighton baines to make him look good and sign rodallega from wigan.

    • agreed, he’s probably worth 6 million in todays market, but you wouldn’t pay it, and, if we want to sell, i’d imagine we will be more happy with his wages off our books so a quick sale would suit both of us.
      Thats IF he goes!

  4. i’d like to see him return has he’s part of the jigsaw, but if he wants to stay and spurs want him then so be it….

  5. He has one on his contract and is 30. AVB likes younger players, Arry liked the older ones. Spurs will sell for £2 mill (spread over 10 years), and it will be a good deal.

    • I take it this is a joke? 2million over ten years is a ridiculous price, hell, me and my mates could club together and pay that!
      More likely is that Levy will squeeze every penny he can out of you IF we sell, my guess would be about 4million.
      You want him, you pay for him, if not, we’ll keep him and not play him…..simples 🙂

        • hahahahahahahahahaha
          we will sell one star this summer, Modric.
          Bale has just signed on, we wont sell anyone else!
          if Everton finish above us this year, i will literally go to goodison park naked and do a lap of the ground in shame.
          never gonna happen, not while you got Tony Hibbert as a right back anyway!

      • really… and have that kind of money sat there and then quickly dwindle away as he grows even older!!!
        Levy aint that stupid AND you’s have a glut of talnted mid-fielder’s!!! it’ll only be interesting in seeing how Pienaar tries to play his hand here because of his age you would think wisdom would play a part, up to him though?
        I’m a Blue but if he starts to say this but do something else he’ll reap what he deserves and thats a place (if lucky) on the Spur’s bench! like last season!!!!

  6. Seriously he will go for 2 mil. I give you to Christmas and you will shouting for AVBs head. Jamie Rednap will stir things in the background and on SKY.

    • Seriously?!! I’m not going to go on your word! Levy has a proven track record of getting the best deal for the club, forget the player….Berbatov was desperate to join Man U, yet Levy was prepared to let him sit in the reserves until United paid what we wanted, same with Modric last year and I’d imagine again this year.
      If levy is happy to sell for 2million, then he will, in reality though, i would expect him to drive a hard bargain and get more for him, you’ve made it so obvious you’re desperate to sign him, Levy will simply say ‘you want him, you pay’.
      Fact is, Pienaar is probably more valuable to Everton now, than when he left originally seeing as how Arteta has since left.
      Don’t expect to get him on the cheap mate, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him offered to ajax as part of a Vertonghen deal.

    • HAHAHAH! cheers for the extra 3million Everton!

      ‘It is believed a deal of around £5million is close, with Everton hopeful of tying up the move next week.’

      No wonder you’re screwed for cash!!!

  7. couldnt give a hoot what the yid fans think i told you it was a done deal and now it is will be confirmed soon and this is from spurs itk’s not ours if we dont lose baines we can go really really far this season


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