Our new defensive signing Jan Vertonghen has spoken to the press about his recent move and naturally the Belgian international is targeting Champions League football. Beyond that however, Jan believes that the club is capable of a tilt at the title.

“Over the last years Spurs have become a very big club in England,” Jan said on Spurs TV.

“They finished in the top four a few times and for me it was one of the best clubs in the Premier League and that is one of the reasons I wanted to come here.

“There is a lot of quality and I think everybody wants to make a good season.

“Last year in the first six or seven months, they were up there for the title, the championship.

“After that it was not that well, but this year I think we will compete for a few more months longer.”

Tottenham’s ‘title challenge’ last year was derailed completely after Christmas while some would say that it was never really a reality. To maintain a top three position, the defence will have to stay fit on a more consistent basis and Vertonghen is more vital to the challenge than he probably realises.



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