Ah, the start of a new Premiership season and already a host of different issues are dominating the minds of fans of the different clubs, particularly those who like to have a wager on the big talking points at online casino and sports betting websites. One of the major issues that those having a flutter at these sites, particularly those of a Tottenham persuasion, are considering right now is: can Spurs regain the place in the Champions League that they covet so dearly? If you arn’t willing to put your real money down on Spurs then why not go play on the free games at http://www.jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino/iphone/.

This is the prize that all of the clubs outside of the magic top four places longs to win, but the desire at Tottenham is particularly great because they have invested heavily with an eye on it, and because they enjoyed a taste of it two seasons ago. The failure to make it into the top four cost manager Harry Redknapp his job and now Andre Villas Boas has been charged with accomplishing what Redknapp failed to do last year. On the face of it, Tottenham are better placed than most of the other clubs just outside the top four, because they have a stronger and better-balanced squad. However, they will be attempting reclaim there place under the guidance of a manager who could most kindly be described as ‘unproven’.

Villas Boas’ first attempt at management in England – with Chelsea – was obviously little short of disastrous, as the team lurched dangerously away from the Champions League places and he failed to survive a single season in the job. This means that the scrutiny that he will be under, both from the media and the Spurs fans, will be pretty intense and unrelenting. Ideally he needs a strong start to avoid doubts creeping in, both amongst the fans and the players – and he won’t be helped by the loss of Scott Parker for the first month of the season; but the fact that Luka Modric has so far remained at White Hart Lane is a real plus point. If Tottenham do hang on to him – and Villas Boas learns the right lessons from his Chelsea experience – they could have a very good chance of making the Champions League places this year.



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