If Villarreal’s Giuseppe Rossi hadn’t suffered a long term injury then chances are that he would have finally made the move away from his current employers. Then again, if he had been regularly available maybe they wouldn’t have been relegated and he would be staying put.

After a miserable few months, the American born Italian international is all set to make a scheduled comeback early in the New Year but it’s already being suggested that he could move in the winter transfer window before he plays for Villarreal once again.

Rossi has been reported as a long term target for Tottenham and naturally we have been linked once again but the player’s agent suggests that Roma remains a possibility.

Roma would be an intriguing option for him,” said Federico Pastorello. “Rossi had given the all-clear to the move, but then it never quite materialised. There were several clubs who showed an interest, but at this moment we mustn’t be in a rush.

“The Premier League clubs? We won’t rule anything out.”

Those comments don’t exactly put Spurs in pole position but the Rossi rumours look set to continue between now and the end of the year.



  1. Don’t want him!
    Not played a competitive match in almost a year and injury prone. With the amount of money that Villareal would be looking for, it makes sense for us to look elsewhere

  2. When are you lot gonna learn?

    You are not getting Damiao or anyone of that quality because you are not a top team.

    You are not in the Champs League and unless something strange happens you are not going to be near it come Xmas. Why would someone of Damiao’s calibre risk going to Spurs when he has a choice of many more successful clubs. Plus after what Levy did with Modric no one will want to come as a risk knowing they could not easily leave if Spurs fail to be successful. Add to that, that AVB is a laughing stock right now and there is just no way.

    Spurs need a player that they can get because of circumstance (eg Rossi, who’s good quality but you can get him because it is a bit of a risk).

    Buy players with a point to prove and are hungry, this way you will get them before the window shuts and you get nothing. Lloris was another silly move, he expects to play as he is at Spurs who are not yet a great team. Although it is fair he is not automatic 1st choice, he is now going to cause problems.

    Just wise up and stop trying to punch above your weight!

  3. Agreed but not by trying and failing to get players that would never in a million years join them.

    Spurs can punch above their weight by signing less established players and take a chance (like they did with Modric).

    Instead they tried to get players too good for them and when it didn’t happen they panic buy Dempsey. He’s 29, not the future of Spurs (you hope!) and not going to take you anywhere special.

    By buying players above your class level like Lloris you are going to make the team spirit unstable by either upsetting Lloris or the rest of the team due to Lloris being played because he had a little whinge.

    You see not a stupid comment if you just use your brain a bit. You should have bought Buckland.

        • Was that after he took his cock out of your mouth Seaside. And why are you writing it was “brilliant” lol, it wasn’t that well thought out? what an a**e kisser

      • Oh no, I really want someone called Danno (lol) to like and respect my opinions.

        All you did was show how much you agree by slagging me off and not giving a counter argument.

        You act pathetic and seem very touchy, maybe rename yourself Danielle

        • I won’t be writing again but I have never been dissapointed in my fellow spurs fans till this moment just pathetic swearing and slagging off someone instead of offering intelligent opposition to theories. I am truly disappointed in my fellow spurs fans

    • Honestly keep making sense from nonsense what about all the players which have been and jelled by man city….. I truly recommend that you upon the history books before engaging in nonsensical jargon


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