Or maybe he just doesn’t but Ade was talking at the weekend about a partnership between the two that would make them the most prolific in the league.

“We’ve got a good team and a good squad,’ said Adebayor prior to yesterday’s game.

“As for Jermain, I have huge respect for him and he knows this already. I’ve told him that if I can come back and make him the top goalscorer in the League then I’m happy to do that. It would be my pleasure to help him score more goals. I am not a selfish player, I want to share and hopefully he will be the man who will score to give us victory over Villa.”

As AVB persists with the lone striker however, it seems as if injury or squad rotation are the only possible ways into the side for Ade. We might all prefer to see 4-4-2 at home against the perceived weaker teams but is it really going to happen?

Alternatively, could either Adebayor or Defoe slot into Dempseys position in the middle of three? Should we get both players in at all costs or work on the principle that if the formation isn’t broken then don’t fix it?



  1. I certainly don’t see AVB starting with a 4-4-2 in any games, but it is of course a good option to introduce an hour or so through a game if we are having difficulty up top. I have to say, I love JD and think he would bang in 20 goals for us this year if given top billing, I am also itching to see how our new look team will work with Ade, his all round game and link up play are as good as any striker in the premier league and I think he could bring a real balance to the side…could it be that despite my uncertainty last year, the best place for JD really is as an impact substitute? lest we forget he still scored 15 goals last year

  2. i aggree defoe will score goals,but ade holds the ball better.defoe is sometimes to greedy,and should play to make chances for others

    • I prefer JD because he DOES have a go .. Ade can be infuriating as he is ALWAYS looking for an extra pass …

      Let’s face it neither Ade or JD can be considered World Class – they both have limitations – I want to see more of JD rather than less (Goals win games), but appreciate that lots of people see it differently

  3. There is no comparison between the two Ade is the man to take us up the league and is nightmare for any defender when he is on his game and he will bring so much more to the team.
    Defoe is in form but is not the same force as the lone striker as his link up is not so great. He needs to have the goal in front of him and is one of the best in getting his shots off so would welcome the 4-4-2 against Chelsea which is winnable. We are not full strength yet and the spine of the side will only get stronger

  4. Can’t see the pair playing together, Siggy playing off Ade has much more appeal, bringing others into play also.
    Defoe can deliver……the oranges at half time.
    Impact sub..he’s never really been the lone striker.

  5. Adebayor should start with JD off the bench.

    Adebayor gives you more than just goals, cant wait to see him linking up play, we still have a couple more gears to go through.

  6. 4-4-2 always a good bet (but only against certain opposition).

    Away from that topic is the GK situation. While I think that lloris should be our number 1, I thought that AVB’s decision to start the Frenchman yesterday was a master-stroke.

    You see, instead of sending (a potentially disgruntled) Lloris back to France, with the French media and manager ready to stir things up about Lloris current position as Spurs no2, AVB has changed the dynamic somewhat by starting Lloris in the last two games.
    This move from our manager will allow Hugo to go back to his native country with his head held high and also with the belief that he ,maybe just, might be making a breakthrough regarding his attempts to usurp the ever reliable Freidel.

    It will also, I presume, plant the same idea in the minds of Deschamps and the French Media, meaning that Lloris and Spurs aren’t making the (‘wrong’ type) headlines across the channel for the next couple of weeks.

    If this was part of AVB’s thinking when he named the team to play Villa, then this was a very, very astute piece of management.

    • Absolutely spot on piece of analysis on this and I have no doubts you are right. AVB strikes me as a very shrewd, clever character with very good man-management skills (from what I’ve seen/heard so far) that can only benefit the squad.

  7. ade , defoe …and dempsey …/!! nice problem for boas to have……they will all score important goals……..tactically…..it looks good however you see it

  8. The problem with playing Defoe behind Adebayor is that he likes playing off the last man. Given how well Adebayor’s link up play is I’d play him behind Defoe and drop Dempsey for the time being. What a brilliant problem to have though.

  9. I don’t think we will see many games with them both on the pitch at the time sadly as we seem to keep the same system for europa league games aswell.I am a little upset that we went to so much trouble to get adebayor signed yet we choose not to start him most of the time. COYS!


  11. Is anyone worried that we have struggled to beat the teams at the bottom of the table (I know we beat United but for once the luck was with us – well overdue of course). Surely most of these teams should have been out to the sword in the first half. Same with the two Europa games so far and the game at Newcastle. Is the formation really working that well when we should really be hammering these teams. I would prefer to see Ade & Defoe on the pitch at the same time, it looked good the rare occasion it happened last season. What didn’t work was starting with Ade as the loan striker like it was in the barren spell at the end of last season. Apologies if my memory is so bad after last seasons disappointments.

    • I agree, I have felt we should have been steam-rolling over all of these teams. You could probably excuse the Newcastle performance being the first match etc, but QPR and Villa should have been dispatched with much more ease, we should have beaten Lazio maybe 2-0 and scored a bucketload against the Greeks. Saying that, we have created a healthy amount of chances so far, but missed so many of them and then looked nervy in most games as a consequence. We’ve got away with it so far but Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Everton could all provide much sterner tests and give us a clearer picture of where we really are.

  12. Defoe has started well goals-wise but missed many more chances already and shown how greedy he is. Once fully match-fit for 90 minutes, I would put faith in Adebayor as the main striker with Dempsey playing off him. I think we will see much more from Dempsey in that set-up. It’s a thankless task for him playing off Defoe who never lays anything off to him. I would then give Defoe the last 30 mins in any given match if Ade has not delivered the goods. Likewise, if Dempsey hasn’t delivered in the first 60 mins, bring Siggy on to link up with Ade.

  13. Ade is quite simply a brilliant , unselfish player. How refreshing it was to see him play again. Holds the ball up so well. He’s fast and intelligent and i can see him linking up really well with all our forwards. If he plays behind someone who is it to be? That’s the question. Why cant he play behind Defoe in the home games?

  14. Be sure that if Vilas boas continue with this system, he will fell at the end of the season. He need ADEBAYOR in his system to succed more. Defoe dont play collectivily, he is very personnal and want all the time score himself. It means if he dont score the team can lost the match easyly. But ADEBAYOR is very collective and when he can’t score he make scoring.

  15. It’s a no brainer. Ade’s finishing can be a let down sometimes but his aerial ability, hold up and link up plays, work rate etc means he is perfectly suited to play behind Defoe. Drop Dempsey. The more AVB waits to do this, the more the likelihood of him losing his job. Besides when you concede goals in 7 out of 8 premier league games, of what use is the emphasis on two holding midfielders? Emphasise ‘attack’ and have a go! That’s what i say.


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