There’s a fine line between trying to analyse your team to spot any perceived weaknesses and just having a general moan. In an attempt to stay on the right side of that line, there is some concern over certain personnel right now but will Spurs be brave enough to change that when the January transfer window opens?

One of the names you just can’t avoid at the moment is Clint Dempsey. The American came to us at the end of August with a reputation for scoring important goals and none would have been more welcome than that third and vital strike at Old Trafford.

Since then however, accusations of the player going missing from games and generally subdued performances have surfaced and are starting to gather momentum.

The other concern for many Spurs fans is Gylfi Sigurdsson: The Icelander attracted attention by scoring seven times in nineteen games for Swansea last season – including one against us during our 3-1 win at White Hart Lane.

Gylfi’s job isn’t to score goals so two strikes in cup matches out of fourteen overall appearances isn’t a major problem but at this point, he looks to be no more than a fringe squad member.

Then of course there’s Hugo Lloris which is a whole new story…

Selling any of these players on might seem unlikely – even it’s just for financial reasons. Other clubs don’t tend to fight too hard over anyone sold on by their club after five months. However, if they are no more than squad men, will AVB make a brave decision and look to promote the likes of Iago Falque and Tom Carroll in their – or at least Gylfi’s place?

What’s your view? Is it time to cut our losses on anyone when that window opens?



  1. Selling Lloris would be madness. We have a world class keeper for the next decade. I can’t see us enticing anyone better than Huge in the next 10 years. Play the lad and keep him here for 10 years. In all due respect to Brad I couldn’t care less if he stays the season on the bench. Sell Gomes.

  2. Somehow’, Dempsey and Siggurdson seems, they are not fitting into the Spurs system, as both looked subdued, and not contributing to a total system, so far they played. Might as well play Carrol and Falque more games.
    The club moves on, improve and change. We have to be ball-winners, in all departments, in rear-guard, midfield, wings and strikers., like a Manchester United.

  3. Who will want Dempsey? This must be a joke. I agree we still have some “dead wood” to shift: Huddlestone (really bad again, poor pass that led to the first goal against City and to stupid to run back immediately to defend it) and Livermore simply don’t have enough quality. IMO it is about time to give some chances to Carroll in the PL, he’s not as strong (fat) as Huddlestone, but he will certainly do better. Falqué will not be worse than Dempsey neither.

  4. The most important cut to be made in order to minimise the losses (or the damages) isn’t any one of the mentioned players but the incompetent manager. The cut should be made sooner rather than later (no need to wait until January).

    • I agree on this one. He should wonder why Harry didn’t use certain players. Redknapp’s tactics were also rubbish but at least he left the low quality and bad performers out of the squad. AVB still didn’t learn that you have to build a system that fits the strengths of your players instead of trying to force them into something that doesn’t suit them. We don’t have the players for the high defensive line (only Vertonghen is capable of it); Bale and Lennon are wingers, not forwards or CM; Dempsey is not a striker; Huddlestone is not an AM,… AVB should learn that a good manager is a flexible one, Ferguson rarely uses the same tactics over and over again, but he will not make players do something what they are not good at.

      • every statement you made about player positions are invalid, he doesnt play lennon and bale as forwards, they play as wingers, we are VERY capable of a high line, shown by continuously catching man c offside, he doesnt play dempsey as a striker, he did it once in the cup because he rested defoe and adebayor was injured, huddlestone doesnt play as an AM, he is a deep lying playmaker. you know nothing, shut up

  5. We shouldn’t sell any of them. They are all good players and deserve more than to be thrown out after 2 months of football. We need a squad of players, Clint and Gylfi need time and with Adebayor back the pressure on them will be less intense. Even VDV struggled when played behind Defoe. They all need to work harder but it’s far too early to say they should all be slung out.

    Talk of selling Lloris is insane, he should be playing.

  6. As in sack AVB? I’m struggling to see sense in some of his selections. Walker? Friedel? Hudd? Dempsey? gallas ? Come on. Too many question marks. Granted hudd is filling in but so too could Carroll . The rest we have good replacements for so lets bloody use them and see if they can do better. And FFS play Ade and Defoe together. Theyve been our best performers of late.

  7. Personally I would play Dembele (when fit again) in the advanced playmaker role and play Carrol alongside Sandro in the middle and drop Huddlestone, Dempsey and Sigurdson because they have been average at best and play Dawson instead of Gallas.

  8. I don’t agree with selling any of our current squad including any of the slow lumps which wear the proud Spurs shirt, however, we must add to the side with a Modric or VDV type player as this is the key outlet we are missing. Compare last season to this season and this is exactly the problem, (not including AVB as he has my vote) but a few of the current side are average / poor at best (Hud, Dempsey usual suspects).

  9. Can somebody convince me Caulker is any good because I can’t see it. He is at very best no better than Dawson who for Christ’s sake should be in the team ahead of Gallas who has gone. Nobody will be sold in January because only Spurs buy rubbish.Redknapp had liitle idea but when Bale was given the ball we all got on our feet, nobody bothers now to even do that. If we get a corner against Arsenal we will do well and West Ham will win easy. Villas – Boas will take this club to a new low.

  10. dempsey is dog poo look fulham got rid of him and got berbatov and have been doing better because yanks cant play football said it was a shite signing from the start you can prod around at fulham where you dont have to do alot to look the star man and when he left they are more of a team and sig billy average liverpool done alright not buying them two least that could promote the likes of suso and sterling whilst we dont think its a good idea to do it with falque and carroll lloris should be number friedal mistakes this season cahill goal vs chelsea watson goal vs wigan rodriguez goal vs southampton dzeko goal vs city (i know lloris made one vs maribor but least we have a f***ing clean sheet when hes been between the sticks)
    need an attacking mid bottled it not forcing moutinho or willian deal through just the story of a tight chairman who wants profit but wont pay what it takes to get the best possible players into a club that wants to play champions league football

  11. Lloris for Friedel is a definite. I think Carroll deserves a chance. Falque could give us option when Lennon has a poor game. But we haven’t got enough cover to let anyone leave. And lay off the manager until weve seen what he can do with a full squad.

  12. Lloris must stay! Dempsey can go and also Huddlestone for me. The Hudd is about as mobile as a cart horse in midfield and its no surprise we have only won one of our last 5 games with him in the engine room.


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