All of our summer signings featured in yesterday’s 1-0 win over Crystal Palace with Roberto Soldado grabbing the headlines by converting our first Spot Kick since May 2012 to seal the narrowest of victories.

Aside from Soldado, Paulinho, Nacer Chadli and Etienne Capoue all played their part and Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas was full of praise for the new arrivals.

“It’s not easy for them, especially bearing in mind the amount of time they’ve been together,” said AVB. “Soldado and Paulinho arrived late and Etienne has been with us just three days.

“They bonded well, responded well to each other’s play and it was a completely deserved win.”

Paulinho was given the Man of the Match award by Sky TV and although that decision raised a few eyebrows, stats after the game showed a very high completed pass percentage from the Brazilian. Meanwhile, Capoue looked something of a beast when introduced in the second half and may well be pressing for a start when league action returns at White Hart Lane next Sunday.

Nacer Chadli made the least impact of the four although some long range efforts late on suggest he was getting more comfortable with the pace of the game as it progressed.

Overall, a good start for the new men but who impressed you most?




  1. From what I saw of the game we still need the creative mid field player behind our striker. All this talk of Bale or who will replace him needs to be sorted. If we play like we did at Palace we’ll loose to Swansea next Saturday. Although it’s only the first game Siggi isn’t the world class playmaker that we really need

  2. Capoue was immense. He is an absolute steal at under £10M, my MOTM even though he only played 10 minutes.
    Chadli was average, will be squad member IMO.
    Paulinho was good but nothing special done, very surprised by MOTM.
    Soldado was good but still getting into his flow and you can see him being excellent, awesome movement.

      • I was thinking this… Paulinho didn’t do anything? Apart from control the midfield? Chadli was one of our most dangerous attacking players… big strong quick, get’s his shots off coming inside and, in the 2nd half, was beating his marker down the line… confused by what you saw but then that’s the beauty of the game I suppose.

    • Capoue gets my vote. Dare I say it he moves like and has an intimidating presence like Patrick Viera!
      What a bargain for £9m. One to watch.

  3. In order of how they impressed me:
    1. Capoue
    2. Paulinho
    3. Soldado
    4. Chadli

    Surprisingly impressed how composed Capoue was. Looks an excellent signing considering how little time he has had to gel. Considering how he was touted as someone who breaks the play up he looked the most composed on the ball of all 4 new boys.

    Agree we need that creative midfielder in the final third, and I dont think its Siggy. Hes a good pro but doesnt really unlock defences.

  4. Totally agree. We should push the boat out for pjanic or willian!! Siggy is weak as piss, but I do still like him as an impact player.

    Capoue looks very very promising. Haven’t seen as an imposing frame in midfield for years. Looks like a bigger Sandro….super beast.


    Dembele paulinho willian


  5. I wish we had given Tom Carol a run in Siggy’s place behind the striker for 30 minutes. The lad is good and can become great with a run in the side. He reminds me so much of John White in his style.

  6. Hugo in goal was magnificent. Saved the win. Coupee was the best out of all the signings. Siggy looked good and would have got my man of the match if he that cut back by solado away. Promising start. Is it me or does Kyle walker make a hash of the simple passes cause he tries too flash when it needs to be simple sometimes. Coys

    • Walker wasted the ball time and time again. He does try and be to flash when he could be playing a simple ball. Capoue looks a steal. Big, imposing, composed etc. We are building a formidable midfield. Just need another player to put chances away. Gylfi and Defoe’s misses were woeful. My Grandma could have put them away

  7. Capoue was a revelation, the best of the new boys. If this was a typical performance from him, we should rename him Capow! Has to start the next game if fully match fit. Agree with the other comments about the new boys, encouraging debuts without being sensational. The big let down was the ratio of possession to goals: this has long been an issue with or without Bale and as others have already mentioned, is down to a lack of creativity in the side. It’s early days and 3 points are in the bank …

  8. I disagree, Whilst I thought Capoue looked very, very good when he came on, Paulinho hardly put a foot wrong all game (misplaced just 5 out of 56 passes, completion rate of 90.6%). I thought he wanted the ball at all times, and helped drive us forward. Siggy, I agree, unfortunately we need better than him in the hole behind Soldado, who impressed me with his readiness to run the channels. Chadli had a much better second half. I think we all agree we’re desperate for that playmaker in behind Soldado, not sure Carroll is upto it, much as I wish he was. Once he’s fit, that role will be given to Holtby

  9. We really are building up a great squad. I think we do tend to give Kyle and Rose a bit of grief and I do agree they make basic mistakes. But we have to have them working up and down to give us any fluidity when attacking. We tend to get into the final third, stop and then come back again. So these boys have to work really hard. They both worked back and showed superb pace so I do feel we should cut them some slack. Having sai dthat they must start to iron out the basic mistakes and learn defensive positioning. One for the coaches.

    Also thank God the zonal defence seems to have disappeared from what I saw. Didn’t get to analyse it too much but it seemed better !

    Hugo is absolutely superb and really fits into our high line – Friedle will cause us all sorts of issues with this. All he needs to learn is how to kick with his left foot and job done !

    Couple more creative signings and I’m going to start to get carried away !!

  10. Siggy had one shot well saved in the first half and should have scored with the shot just past the post in the second half.

    Defoe missed a sitter near the end and Chadli should have scored with the header just before half time.

    Missed opportunities have always been the way with Defoe.
    He gets a few but he misses some important ones.

    Siggy will weigh in with 10 goals if he plays 30 games. He isn’t a playmaker.

    My point is; had Spurs taken their chances, as they failed to do last season, the score would have been 3-0 or 4-0.

    Things would have felt a bit different today had they done so.

    • I completely agree about Defoe. I’ve been supporting SPURS for about eight years now and it seems as though Defoe makes the easy ones look difficult, especially when we need them. Siggy is just inconsistent, better suited to come off the bench.

      I thought the match went very well and easily could have been 2 or 3 goals to the better. The new signings look magnificent and the fact that Levy is bringing them in prior to deadline day spells a faster start out the gate for once. Hopefully we can wrap up 1 or 2 more(Lamela, Willian, Coentrao). Here’s to kicking Arsenal out from where they don’t belong.


  11. I thought Capoue was the best player on the park from the moment he came on. This guy looks like a terrific athlete, with skill and composure on the ball to match and real ability to read the game. Only played 33 minutes and in that time made 6 interceptions, which apparently was more than West Ham, West Brom or Sunderland collectively managed in a whole game!

    Paulinho looked good, was composed on the ball, distribution was good and certainly able to handle the physical aspect of the EPL.

    Soldado looked sharp, but without the service he needs to maximise his talents. His movement is first class and Willian might be the guy in the number 10 position to help him unlock defences.

    Chadli flashed on occasions, but looked like he needed more time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the EPL. Nevertheless he is a powerful guy with speed and skill who I am sure will adapt.

    In order of impressiveness:
    1) Capoue
    2) Paulinho
    3) Soldado
    4) Chadli

    Overall, all 4 newcomers looked like they will be major contributors this season, but Capoue was the one that really stood out for me.

  12. I think the main issue with yesterday’s display was that we NEVER really got out of 2nd gear! Given the international fixtures, lack of time on the training field and the inclusion of three new signings, this may be understandable- meaning the MOST important thing was ALWAYS going to be the three points.

    I am definitely of the opinion that all of our new players did well. Chadli looked a threat coming of the left and perhaps should have scored from a great ball by Lennon.
    The Belgian’s pace, power and ability will continue to become more prominent in matches the more he settles in and builds understandings with his team-mates. (6/7)

    Paulinho seemed to get better the longer the match went on. Tidy, competitive and energetic, expect the driving runs and penetrative passes to grow in number the more acclimatised he gets with the league. Solid (6)

    Roberto Soldado has the hallmarks of a classy frontman. Whilst he may not be the biggest striker I’ve ever seen
    he holds up the ball well, always makes a nuisance of himself with the oppositions back line and links play effortlessly with a combination of intelligent movement and tidy flicks/touches. His vision to play in Sigurdson, in the secondon half for a chance he really should of scored, was a thing of beauty. Shame we couldn’t provide him with a decent GS opportunity in open play. Took his penalty with ease. Legend in the making. (8)

    Anyone, who like me thought that Étienne Capoue was coming simply as back up to the first team midfield would surely be viewing the Frenchmans prospects a little differently after his 2nd half cameo display. Powerful, purposeful and aggressive Capoue appeared to adapt to the pace of the EPL without any fuss whatsoever. Strong tackles, interceptions and his mature use of the ball once in possession reminded me of a certain Brazilian midfielder currently working his way back to full fitness at Spurs.
    It was only a half, against an willing but very limited Crystal Palace side, but my God this guy was impressive. Took fewer touches on the ball than Dembele, and in turn helped increased the overall tempo of the side. Like I said, if this performance is anything to go by, EVERYONE in that tottenham midfield will be looking nervously over their shoulders. (7.5)

  13. Agree about Capoue, looked great. Makes me wonder how AVB is going to fit Dembele,Sandro,Paulinho and Capoue in same side. Perhaps push Dembele wide on left and Paulinho into the hole behind Soldado, with Sandro and Capoue central? Also obvious for all fans to see that a playmaker is required, so you’d think AVB and Baldini can see it also?

  14. Think there were positives and negatives to take away from this game. It was a good solid start and the new boys looked good esp Capoue and Soldado.
    We desperately need a creative midfielder to sit behind soldado linking up play like what VDV did and IMO another right sided player as Lennon’s final ball will not get any better and I lost count how many times he gave away possession for them to counter attack.
    Being a strong physical team we need to have a mix of skill and strength. We have the strength for sure but we don’t (yet) have the skill. With 2 quality buys we could be right up there.

  15. I actually thought Chadli was very good

    Capoue was very impressive, Paulinho and Soldado were ok

    It was there debuts so they will need time to settle as they all havent played in the prem before

    The problem for me was Walker and Lennon, those 2 are too similar both fast, erratic and limited technique……1 of them is essential but 2 is unnecessary, we either have to go Walker with a right midfielder that cuts in (Townsend, Bale, Willian) or Lennon with a disciplined full back (Naughton, Alderweild).

    Both together are a disaster

  16. Tom Carroll reminds him of John White never in a million years. Carroll is a boy learning how to create link play and score goals. John White was a genius repeat genius.

  17. I thought it was a solid 1st outing. Im tempted to get excited for the season ahead when we see our newbies perform so well, and we know they only gonna get better. I was desperately disappointed in Kyle/Aaron performance, they giving the ball away too cheaply and putting us under pressure from promising positions. 1 quality creator in the pocket and I’m salivating at what my beloved Spurs can achieve this season

  18. A good solid start away from the Lane but can we please replace Lennon. For the last however many seasons, there are just too many occasions when our attack is turned into defence by Lennon, he thinks he’s much better than he actually is. Always giving the ball away and very rarely getting a good ball into the box.

  19. I agree with Lennie that Caroll is not John White–yes he was a genius– but the lad can develop into him if he gets a run at it.
    I am surprised that the pundits were somewhat lukewarm about this Spurs performance. I thought it was impressive and it is going to be great to watch this team gel over the season.

  20. Why the hits on Lennon.
    Walker is the problem.
    Instead of passing the ball early to Lennon so he can take a run at (and beat) his defender, Walker carries the ball to Lennon who is now static and working space becomes very limited.
    Yes getting forward as a full back is good and Walker likes doing this. On the outside overlapping trying to get a cross in once in a while is good but not all the time.
    By the way Lennon earned the penalty!!!

    Rose is just like Walker….but much worse. By far the worst player on the field for Spurs against Palace, and without seeing the games of the future nothing will change in every game he plays. He’s nowhere near the quality of player we need playing full back.
    Doesn’t mark…gives the ball away so many times…gives away too many free kicks…slows the play down unless he wants the ball back…TERRIBLE MARKING ABILITY.
    He has to go.

    Think about it, why has it become part of the game that the full backs are now the players to beat defences and put in crosses. There are other players on the field to do that…who can do it very well. So Walker give Lennon the ball early and watch him rip past defencemen and put crosses in for Soldado. The sooner this happens the sooner Lennon will be playing for England again and Soldado will be scoring loads of goals and he will be the new idol of The Lane.

    GREAT START for the team…3pts is a great way to start the season. Capoue was awesome when he came on. Would have also liked to have seen Carroll come on for a while. He will only get better more he plays, and yes he can already see that cutting pass that makes the difference.

    • One massive floor with that statement. Lennon can’t cross, never has been able to, and until he puts in serious time on the training ground, never will.
      He doesn’t have a footballers brain, he’s just a quick man


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