Andros Townsend is ruled out of Sunday’s game against Southampton and joins Jan Vertonghen on the injury list ahead of a tough visit to St Mary’s. The real concerns remain in defence but with Michael Dawson returning from suspension and Vlad Chiriches with a chance of making the starting XI, the only real worry is the thought of Kyle Naughton covering at left back.

“Michael will come back from suspension and the only positive for the players is that with Andros missing, someone else will get a chance to stand up and show what they can do,” said Tim Sherwood on Friday.

But who will get that chance? Andros has been on the bench for the last few league games but if Tim was planning to use him on the wing, Erik Lamela might just get a rare start.

But the real question is in formation: Sherwood attacked West Ham in a 4-4-2 but will he choose to play it safer away from home against a side who are challenging for a top six slot? We think that the interim boss might go on the defensive as he puts forward his credentials for the full time vacancy.

Here’s our best guess but what’s your view?



  1. best lineup we have apart from vertonghen is missing. We probs would have been cruising if he would of stuck with this team for more than one game.


  2. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose
    Capoue Dembele
    Lennon Eriksen Lamela

    Subs: Friedel, Fryers, Naughton, Holtby, Sigurddson, Adebayor, Defoe

    • No Dembele please. Give Holtby a chance there. And Chadli for Lennon – Lennon never scores. We should stick with this attacking midfield. And obviously replace Dawson when Verts is back.

  3. if lamella had been given the same faith as townsend, he surely would have produced more than him, especially since townsend have only produced 1 goal and no assist, and caused several dangerous break aways with poor passing or blocked shots

  4. Rose, not Naughton. Could also play Holtby instead of Eriksen. Otherwise good suggestion. Ade can be brought on for a winger in the 2nd half.

    • Spot on – thats by far our best first eleven:
      Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Chliriches, Rose, Lennon, Eriksen, Dembele, Lamela, Adebayor, Soldado.

    • I like that too, ade will hold the ball up nicely for soldado. swap dembele and dawson for verts and paulinho when everyone is available and that would be my best 11.

  5. I reckon this will be his line up:

    Walker Daws Chiriches Rose
    Capoue Dembele
    Lennon Holtby Chadli

    but i’d prefer to see Erikson and Lamela in place of Holtby and Chadli. Ade is the only option for lone striker! This is a huge game for Capoue if he gets the nod; the lads confidence must be in tatters after the last 2 games at CB

  6. Id like to see eriksen get a good run in the team and lamela will come good im sure of it. The centre mids must be sandro or capoue and another. Playing dembele and paulinho or dembele and eriksen is suicide, asking for another humping. We need a tackler and someone who will go with runs. That’s why we so vulnerable when teams on the break. Playing Dawson on a high line is also madness, he turns like the QE2 but will do for now. Team when fit is

    walker chiriches vertonghen rose
    Lennon sandro/capoue paulinho lamela/townsend
    . soldado

  7. Would like to see how Ade and Soldado together but cant see it away against a high possession side like Saints. Siggy has become the forgotten man but id get him back in the hole, for his goal scoring potential alone. Chadli is aweful and surely better to give Lamela a chance. Whoever wrote the article surely forgot that Rose is back as Naughton has been woeful. For mine, AVBs downfall was brought on by the injury to Rose and not having a similar replacement, so much had his plans been made around Walker and Rose bombing the flanks.
    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose
    Lennon Capoue Siggurdson Dembele Lamela
    Ade on for Soldado 2nd half or 442 if go behind.

    • Agree fully. Better Chadli than him. At least Chadli is Belgian / Netherlands? national, scores also. All Lennon does is run – same as Walker.

  8. Please 442 is not the answer! Against the better teams we would get destroyed in midfield!! We need a consistent formation and team out!! Maybe I would stil stick with 4141 go with more attacking shape!!






    • Fully agree with your selection with the exception of Siggy. Put Chadli instead. Chadli is an international, scores also.
      When Vertongen returns, drop Dawson for heaven’s sake. I would also give Fredericks a go at RB. Apparently Ryan did a fantastic job when given the chance. Walker is too risky, gives away dangerous free kicks, loses his player in penalty area, etc.

      • Yea Fredrick’s did play well but maybe not yet, we need to get the 1st 11 working together and consistently! Siggy is underrated maybe, he does score goals and also takes a mean set piece!

    • This is exactly what I want to see! Maybe Chadli though bc Eriksen means we don’t need Siggy for corners and Chadli is good in the air and at crossing.

  9. Oh and as soon as verts is fit he is captain and takes daws who is becoming a bit of a joke! Nice guy and lives the club but so do I and you would t out me in the team would you lol

  10. Dembele has 2 play on the left wen townsend out
    erikson cnt ina 2 man mid an holtbys our only passer
    2 many armchair managers cme like people aint never played b4 jus wotched

    • I would very much go with your selection John. However, I would like to see Lamela in the middle. I quite remember his brilliant performance in the EL fixture (I believe against Anzi) where he was MOTM. During that game he drifted a lot into the middle where he was most effective. Anyway, at least give the guy a go for a few games.

  11. It should clearly be:
    H. Gomes

    A. Smith B. Khumalo E. Fryers K. Naughton

    R. Fredericks E. Capoue M. Dembele E. Lamela

    C. Eriksen

    N. Chadli

    Gomes gives us a strong sense of security in the box whilst Smith once recalled back from loan will not make silly errors and be such a “Hot & Cold” player like K. Walker ie. good and bad. N. Chadli clearly isn’t suited to the flanks, he is a centre forward and will give us a completely different option to R. Soldado, J. Defoe and E. Adebayor. If Sherwood wants to make a stir and a statement, this is the way to do it and get confidence from demanding Spurs fans. Oh and B. Khumalo will sure up a whimsy defence with some classic South African strength.

  12. Ade bossed the midfield against west ham include him in the starting line up, dembele has a holding midfield , we playing him out of position
    Walker , kaboul(daws has no pace and he broken on the counter) , vlad, rose or fryers
    Lennon, lamela on either flank we spoilt for choice in behind the strikers holtby has shown he can pick a pass and so as erickson, we play both soldado and ade up front
    Its gona rain goals

    Saint at home is not gonna be ez

    K – Keep
    I – it
    S – simple
    S – Spurs


  13. We need 2 x strikers playing , back to defoe and ade then give soldado a chance when he gets some confidence.
    lamala needs some playing time too , why spend 30 million for a seat on the bench … AVB gone lets get hoddle in and play football again …

  14. ……………………………………lloris………………………………………





  15. dembele must play behind the strikers and no graham naughton please dawson in but only until vert is back ade and soldado up front.

    Get hoddle in asap

  16. Tim Sherwood: ‘I’d love to
    see #Arsenal do well, I grew up an Arsenal
    fan as a kid, My dad still goes to the
    Emirates every week.’

  17. Dailymail :
    Gareth Bale : “I was tired of making Spurs tick on my own, admits Bale as he revels in life among Real’s team of Galacticos”


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