In the period leading up the transfer window, Spurs have been linked once again with a number of strikers across Europe and beyond. Leandro Damiao, Edin Dzeko and more have appeared in the transfer columns so it was a little underwhelming when January arrived and the first name to appear was that of West Brom’s Shane Long.

The story may have originated from the Mirror so make of that what you want but it justifies its claims on the basis that Tim Sherwood has to sell before bringing in any new faces. With £100m spent over the summer, the new Head Coach could raise £10m from sales of Jermain Defoe and Kyle Naughton and that would leave a £4m Shane Long within that tight budget.

But the 26 year old Republic of Ireland international averages around one goal in every four games throughout his professional career. Admittedly that run comes in poor sides such as Reading and West Brom but could it improve enough for Shane Long to become a valuable squad member at Spurs? Putting some confidence in Harry Kane and trusting him as the third striker might be a better option.





  1. I’ve a feeling that we’ll see the back of Naughton & Defoe in this window and possibly Holtby. The Lescott loan rumors seem to be gathering momentum. Shane Long, whilst may sound uninspiring could be a good move, young, knows the league and with the correct service could be an option

  2. Up The mighty Spurs still buzzing from yesterday result from old crapford !! , the do need to resolve the Defoe question if he is going or staying.

    Fingers crossed they can get a win at the arse of at the very least a replay at the lane !!.

    COYS !!

  3. That run comes in poor sides like West Brom…yup West Brom whom you couldn’t beat at home! Really how about a little respect eh…I like Spurs try to play the right way or did before AVB but such arrogance breeds contempt!

    • West Brom with all due respect is a poor side. Again with all due respect football can serve fans with some freaky strange results during the season but table will always tell the truth with the final whistle of the season. West Brom might have got a point from Spurs but final day of the season Spurs and WBA will be galaxies apart. Therefore WBA is a poor side. With number of chances created Ling might be a very useful acquisition for a lot of teams. I always thought he is very underrated and his best attribute is his enthusiastic approach and habit or tirelessly putting pressure on defenders. May be a successful loan move will ignite his career to a very positive outcome. Worth a go player.

  4. I called fot Shane Long to be a Player to replace Robbie Keane in the Spurs side after both his departures. But now im not sure. He could be. But we should really be looking at strikers in the mould of Adebayor. We’ve seen how effective he has been for us. But if we got Berbatov and Long it could be a cool low budget combo to cover Adebayor and Soldado.

  5. Ask yourself this – would Shane Long be considered by any of the established top 4?

    There is your answer as to whether we should sign him.

  6. rpbabylon just one additional point to add to your previous comment earlier about West Brom and how spurs could’nt beat them at home are’nt West Brom one of the four teams which have beaten Man United at old Crapford this season ?


    • Where are you getting £4 million from? WBA won’t sell him for that or until a new head coach is appointed.

      As for being a poor side, everything is relative. Spurs are a poor side compared to the other 6 teams above them. For WBA 11th, 10th and 8th finishes in the past three years are at least “average” in premier league terms.

      Whilst its not been a great first half to the season mid table is still easily in our grasp but won’t be if we sell our best players like Long. If he goes it will surely be in the summer.

      Hopefully Spurs will sell us Defoe…

  7. There are top 4 sides and then there are wannabees like Spurs who have blown up in the face of the Gooners even earlier this year than normal! Spurs had £100m to spend off one player and has there been any improvement? Wonder if there would be such a gap if we had a £100m to spend? Boing boing!

  8. We should steer well clear of mediocre players like this. If we can get a top striker we should go for it but otherwise we should put faith in Harry Kane or maybe play Chadli – he’s big and I think he has some history playing as a second striker.

  9. 1… we need a new left back and center back….
    2… we need a least two new strikers…. not too old and the must have composure dead must be deadly infront of goal.. they must have speed … u cant have a slow striker in epl..
    3… we cant sell walker… send Lamela a Italy on loan let them ruff him up down there he is too timid …..
    4… chiriches needs to stop hold on to the ball so long and dribbling he is not a midfielder…
    If we can get that we have a good squad the could possible make it to champions league


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