Lamela talks advanced?

When the story of a potential loan deal involving Erik Lamela first surfaced, we asked whether it made sense to send away our record signing this early in his White Hart Lane career. The reaction was mixed but now we are in January and the stories are back.

Some are even suggesting that the proposal is at an advanced stage with suggestions that the player’s agent has travelled to Milan in order to tie up a temporary move for the player with Inter, who have struggled this season and are looking for a boost that would take them back into Champions League contention.

Erik’s issues at Spurs have been well documented by the press and his prospects haven’t yet turned under Tim Sherwood, although injury has hampered any potential progress this month. His pressing need as an individual is getting into Argentina’s squad for the 2014 World Cup and with game time a priority, could we see this deal come to fruition before the end of the month?




  1. The News press seem to dislike Erik Lamela for some reason not sure why ? , by all accounts he works hard in training but he needs football time on the pitch.

    There nothing wrong with the way tottenham are trying to introducing him slowly into the team his only 21 , but yes he is talent.

    Had he been at Man United or Arsenal he would be given time to develop with no crappy new paper headlines saying his a flop !!

    He will come good but needs his chance on the pitch as simple as that over to you Tim Sherwood.

  2. What a great pity that at the time of the the introduction or 7 players of outstanding ability,we had in charge of our team the one bloke that couldnt get the best out of them,or anybody else for that matter.Probobaly one of the most useless managers we’ve had,and we’ve had a few over the years.As above ,if you can play Bentilab you can play Lamela,come on TS!

  3. I think both Soldado and Lamela are fantastic byes for Spurs. BUT they need time to settle and gel, that might take longer than expected, especially for Lamela considering the language .A loan to Inter (and English lessons on the side) for the remainder of the season sounds like a good idea.. he’ll find his feet again and might have a better chance of being part of the Argentina team this summer. Soldado should stay, and play, I’m positive that once he finds the goal there will be a lot of them 🙂

  4. If he goes to Italy on loan let’s be honest he won’t wanna come back, I say give him a run in the team when he’s back fit he has class I think him and Soldado up front should be something we try out in the Europa I think they’d link up well and Lamela can do the dirty work dropping back and pressing the opponents

    • You are so right I have been supporting Spurs all my life and that’s about 60 years if this happens it will be the end for us and this player we must not let any of our new players go end of

  5. We need vertongen back in the centre of rhe defence asap and give dawson a rest prefereably a long one.Should not have sold caulkner as Kaboul is now an uncertain starter thru injury.Have to get a left back as well as a centre back.Sell Defoe and buy two established strikers.Alot of talk about Fletcher but if we do we must buy a goalscorer of repute.Easier said than done but if money a problem look down a division at people putting ball in the net as they will get chances. Sell Sigurdson and Holtby and put Lamela in the team now and nomore talk of language barriers.
    Three players can change our season

  6. I think Lamala is class, one of the few players capable of giving the service Soldado needs, was mom in one of the euro games, scoring in the process. Has hardly had a kick sinse

  7. I agree with Talty , it will be a mistake , i would let Ade go
    asap along with Defoe ……we also need and have wanted for some time a QUALITY left back , Rose is ok but needs time with the team

  8. What a joke if he goes to Italy on loan! He needs to stay here and get use to the PL, progress by geting some game time. He has the quality, lets be patient for once although knowing the Spurs board and management, we won’t.

  9. Rose needs time with the team? How long has he been at Spurs now? After what he done on Saturday, I’d put Fryers at LB and leave him there till we manage to sign Dodo from Roma.

  10. As a big Spurs fan, I can’t believe that the club would spend so much money on a player then immediately turn round and then loan him out for the remainder of the season to either an Italian or Spanish club particularly when he is supposed to be struggling with the English language which is hampering his progression. The Daily Mail so called newspaper is festooned with people masquerading as journalists in the know. The rag is also known to be anti Spurs and more times than not, make up stories on the hoof. If the club does indeed decide to loan this boy out and remember he is still a boy, then Levy and the board will make us an even bigger laughing stock than we already are.

  11. Jermaine defoe one goal in the premiership in the year 2013 get rid of him asap.and take lennon with him never takes a corner or freekick because he cant kick a ball correctly.

  12. We wasnt mugged by signing Soldado and Lamela even if we did overpay a bit.We mugged ourselves off by the bad communication and general stupidness of our chairman ,DOF, and last manager.Now we’re stuck with a novice baby Arry untill god knows when.
    I love Spurs but The Chairman and ALOT of fans get on my fucking nerves.

    • Paulinho was worth £17m and Eriksen £12m or whatever it was but come on, £26m for Soldado and £30m for Lamela?? They’re not worth anything close to that. Soldado’s stats (generally i hate stats but his are quite revealing) are abysmal, no tackles, no interceptions, no shots on target, no dribbles, no headers won. He doesn’t work for the team which i could forgive if he scored the chances he gets. But he doesn’t. He’s 28 he doesn’t need to ‘gel’, just shoot and score. If we were to play with 1 up front it has to be Ade, he’s the only forward we’ve got with the attributes to play that role.

  13. We should sell townsend not lamela. Townsend has played over 400 min more than lamela, both have 3 assist , townsend has 2 goals. Lamela has 1. Lamela is 21 years old, townsend is 23. Lamela has already shown himself at Roma. Townsend is just a new lennon at best

  14. I agree. Townsend is poor. Chadli as well.
    We need to get rid of sherwood before we lose our best players.
    Sherwood will bring us back to the middle of the table.
    Then he will go to the nearest gooner pub and celebrate

  15. It will be a massive disappointment if Lamela leaves and send the wrong message to future potential signings. After buying so many new players in the summer, with zero minutes Premier League experience, it was always going to take patience. I’m not sure Levy has much of that, just ask AVB.


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