There’s no official team news from the club as yet but you can get plenty of information from around the ‘net and Tim Sherwood should have Andros Townsend, Jermain Defoe and possibly Sandro available for Saturday’s tie with Crystal Palace.

Jan Vertonghen and Paulinho remain sidelined and doubts remain over Younes Kaboul.

There must be a real temptation for the coach to throw Townsend in, assuming he is 100% fit. With criticism over his tactics and starting XI against Arsenal last week, the winger would give Spurs a more attacking feel against a Palace side who will almost certainly park the bus.

The back five and the attack seems to pick itself at the moment so the questions are in midfield where Holtby, Dembele, Capoue, Chadli and possibly Lamela, Townsend, Sigurdsson and Sandro are all battling to be involved.

Here are our thoughts but what’s your view?



  1. I wouldn’t leave Lennon out, he looks like he’s in good form at the moment. Can’t see Holtby starting either, I reckon he’ll go for Capoue, but I like the idea.

    • I’d go as above, but Lennon starting for Townsend.

      Lennon has been awesome this season, hungry for Brazil by the looks of it. Then Andros as the impact sub in case things aren’t going to plan.

      Sandro & Siggy are my two centre mids, but no point playing either if they’re not 100%. Why risk em.

    • Josh that is the exact team I had in my head. There was nothing wrong with AVB’s formation, it was the tactics and personnel he got wrong.

  2. I agree with jgulli, definitely can’t see him dropping lennon, but will probably drop bentaleb for capoue. Townsend and defoe will make impacts from the bench.

    • come to think of it Johan, you might be right there, a home game to Palace might suit the lad but who gets left out if Lamela starts?

      • Lamela is struggling with a thigh injury so is probably a doubt. Shame really because I think it would have been a good game for him to get a start. If he was fit I’d have Townsend, Capoue, Eriksen, Lennon along the middle with Adebayor up front with Lamela playing just off him in a position where he can choose himself where he wants to find space.

  3. i agree with back 4 but midfield I hope is lennon on right, Andy Townsend on the left, dembele & eriksen in the middle and the obvious 2 up front – Ade & Soldado… pretty good team considering our injuries COYS

    • totally agree… and thats a good fast midfield, we’ll rip them to shreds down the flanks and dembeles brilliance on the ball and eriksens guile should open them up through the middle. COYS… really hope we get a bag of goals and a clean sheet to keep up the good form of late

    • haha yeh he drives me nuts on the right… but the couple of times I’ve seen him on the left he’s played some lovely crosses and kept out wide. really pumped for tomorrows game, have a feeling we could get a load of goals

  4. 4. 3. 3.

  5. And what about Bentaleb? Everyone seems to forget that Sherwood rates him very highly so wouldn’t be surprised if he features at some stage again.

    • Bentlab is a good player better than Holtby/Siggy. Not worried if he plays instead of Copoue. Think they’ll be a clear out in the summer. COYS

  6. I agree with John14 and his side above. Lennon has been
    excellent. just needs to improve his shooting. Eriksen likewise excellent on the left and drifting centrally. Dembele has been the steel in the side over the festive break and getting back to his best. Can see Capoue starting with Sandro getting 30 minutes or so. No use in playing Townsend as inverted right winger, this was the problem with AVB and no service to Soldado. Get Townsend on after about 70 minutes against a tiring defence and get him to the bi-line for Ade/Soldado. Have Townsend on the right and cutting in to shoot will be a huge mistake, and a lesson TS should have learnt from AVBs demise.


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