As a Spurs fan, there was very little to be happy about while watching the football this weekend but while it was had to take any comfort from the 3-3 draw with West Brom, if you had watched QPR v Notts Forest then you might have been impressed by one current Spurs player in particular.

Tom Carroll drew very few headlines in a game where his Rangers teams won by five goals to two and that’s more than just a little harsh when you consider that he provided assists for all of the first three. We all knew that Carroll was one of the best passers in the club but what is more noticeable now is his ability to pick out a target with a first time ball on a consistent basis.

To credit Tom with an assist for the first may be a little generous and his shooting is an area to work on but the spell at Loftus Road has clearly been beneficial.

“Tom Carroll is certainly one who will come back into the squad next season because he’s good enough for Tottenham,” said Tim Sherwood at the end of last month. That decision might not be down to Tim but hopefully those that remain will make the new coach aware of Carroll’s progress.

In case you missed it, click here for a YouTube clip of all the goals from the QPR – Forest game.



  1. Tim will not be there!!!! And Rose wont be either@!! Hes a waste of wages. Steven hawkins is a better left back than Rose….hes quicker, dribbles better, tactically a genius but just like Rose will keep his head back whilst shooting at goal….

  2. He should have been in Spurs first team this season. Far better player than all the current donkeys in midfield. Eriksen is the only decent midfielder we have in the current squad.

  3. if we get Tom Caroll back, keep Eriksen,
    together with Dembele, Paulinio, Sandro
    we are as strong as the teams, in top 4 in midtfiekd, offcause
    if we get a decent trainer, who understand the game,
    and can inject spirit in the team.
    offcause Rose must leave, Naughton aswell, and think
    we should go for Newcastles goalie, he must be ready to
    leave that crab team, if Lloris disappear. Coys

  4. Gav’s comments made me chuckle and the Tom Carroll subject made me write a response.
    I am a massive QPR fan. Sorry a massive and very disappointed QPR fan for obvious reasons. Our season has turned into one big long bore with a lot of misguided hope at the beginning.
    I don’t blame Carroll for this. I blame our club.
    However, Tom Carroll is not the answer to your problems. Would Faulin, Barton, Henry, Jenas get in your team…NO then Carroll wouldn’t in my opinion. He’s behind that lot of midfield players at QPR.
    I have watched him home and away. If you had watched him at the Valley when we lost to Charlton 1-0 then none of you would want him. This is the truth – he can pass…sideways and backwards. Rarely forwards. When he does its over hit or mis-placed. He sits in front of the defence. Very safe. For a creative player he is far too safe. In fact I was so frustrated I called Carroll a coward ashamedly. But I am afraid he is a coward, too slow for the Prem, too light weight and has a bad attitude. Constantly saying he wants to be back at Spurs with the left back with a silly wig (another one with a bad attitude). Check him out not celebrating after we scored in the first minute against Forrest.
    Anyway, Carroll is the subject here, not any of the other 6 on loan here. Morrison apart, they are all S**T.
    Anyway, I like Spurs and wish you well hence don’t be deluded about Carroll. I hope your players you signed last summer come good next season.
    Hope to see you guys at Loftus Road too next year but I have my doubts.
    Good Luck

    • would have him back tomorrow the clubs gone backwards since harry left what with that prick avb and now a pub manager sherwood what a fucking clown he is

  5. watched carrol last season for spurs & he ran the MF … with a decent team, will be a good player.. as for jenas… put him behing Gav’s nominee.

  6. In was speaking to a friend who is a QPR season ticket holder a couple of days ago and he said pretty much the same as rich ranger. He is not impressed with Tom and neither are most supporters around him.

  7. Bit harsh on Carroll from the rangers fans. He’s young and getting better all the time . Agree much too early for him to aid spurs woes but defo one for the future and he was really decent at forest last week.


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