Mauricio Pochettino will have to quickly assess his current Spurs squad and decide who he wants to keep and who should be ushered through the exit door and the press feel that the Argentinian’s arrival could spell the end for Michael Dawson.

The club captain played only 16 times in the league last season and this wasn’t the first injury hit campaign to strike the former Notts Forest defender in recent years. Dawson also failed to make the starting XI at times under Tim Sherwood and at 30, the club may decide to move him on while they can still get a fee.

Hull City are the team widely linked today after landing Tom Huddlestone last year and taking Jake Livermore on loan. Alternatively, Crystal Palace could be a destination for Daws if he decides to stay in London.

Fees from £3.5m upwards are being quoted but has time finally run out on Michael Dawson’s Tottenham career?





  1. He has been a trusted loyal servant of the club for a long time but is no longer good enough I’m afraid (too slow) so yes it is time to let go!.

  2. I sadly feel the same too, his lack of pace costbus dearly last season. He has been a fantastic role model and player for the club. He is a good old fashioned centre back. Coys

  3. Oh daws how you encapsulated the plight, always gave it your best shot and wore your heart on your sleeve despite your limitations, mainly a turning circle wider than the titanic, being outpaced in a flat sprint by a tortoise and that no matter how many times you have tried the 90 yard diagonal punt it has never gone to a team mate. An overachiever for the amount of natural talent you were blessed with COYS

  4. Much as I like and admire the guy, I feel that he should have been sold a long time ago. He is not premiership material I am afraid.

  5. Yes Michael can go ,But we must say thanks for all the great
    games he gave his all , and he will fit in and i am sure he will again shine at Hull with another hard worker the Hudd
    No one can even guess what is going to happen at at the lane this year, We have to hold on to Lamela Soldado and
    Vertongen , they all have what it takes if only Pochettino
    can bring out what they can do, Eriksen, Paulino, Sandro,
    are ready for it right now. And Addey will be there i hope.

  6. Should have sold him when King retired. He’s been crap ever since. Memories of the OT game where he single handedly gave the game to United. His display that cost is a finals birth in Europa and his game for England. I won’t miss him. Could have got 9m last year but he stayed on? Now quotes of 3 – 6m so he’ll cost Spurs even when leaving.

  7. even clueless avb tried to ship him out great servant but always looked better than he was but had the king next to him.

  8. Still not sure of Pochettino, But willing to wait and see
    what he plans for the team, and tells us in english.
    And not be like A.V.B who was arrogant towards the spurs
    supporters who fill the ground and help pay his wages.
    Just give us attacking football and a forward line that gives
    us goals and we will all be happy. (come on you spurs. )


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