It must be tempting during a slow news period to make obvious transfer links and in the case of Spurs, new coach Mauricio Pochettino is either after former players at Southampton or searching through his note book for fellow Argentinians.

Most stories come and go but the proposed move for former Inter Milan midfielder Esteban Cambiasso is gathering momentum. The 33 year old is without a club after being released this summer and the press are widely claiming that White Hart Lane is his intended destination.

In fact, the online version of Gazzetta dello Sport goes on to claim that a deal is imminent.

Undoubtedly, Cambiasso is a seriously talented and experienced defensive midfielder but is he an upgrade on Sandro? Alternatively, you can twist that question and ask if the Argentine is the best replacement, if our Brazilian is intent on leaving the club.



  1. here we go with the defensive midfielders again!!

    a) don`t we have enough of those already?
    b) don`t we ever learn?

  2. I don’t see why we should get excited about Cambiasso. He is a 34-year old and it would be madness for my club to become a pensioners’ club yet again.

  3. age is just a number and Cambiasso is a quality short term addition to help improve a young squad. Pirlo was 35 and embarassed the England Midfield in this world cup. and in response to the stupid comments above ‘He is NOT crap now,……he’s the proper ting! innit’ 😉

    • Cambiasso is nowhere near as good as Pirlo and never has been, why do you think Inter have released him? I got some fluffy dice for sale for your Capri Trevor if you would like an upgrade, blud.


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