Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana, Jay Rodriguez, Dejan Lovren – all current or former Southampton players who were immediately linked with a move to Spurs as soon as Mauricio Pochettino was handed the manager’s job. One by one however, they’ve either moved elsewhere or faded from memory but if we are to make a purchase from the Saints squad, perhaps the man to sign up will be French international midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin.

According to the Express, 24 year old Schneiderlin was a confirmed target for Arsenal but the paper suggests that Spurs may have moved ahead in the race for the player’s signature.

The initial reports have emerged from France where it’s claimed that the Frenchman might actually be Pochettino’s favourite from his time on the South Coast. It’s an interesting thought but where would we slot in yet another midfielder? Who makes way?



  1. I very much doub we will be buying any more MF’s. I am suprised at some Spurs fans who are expecting a big spending spree, it aint going to happen, and nor should it. LB, CB,

  2. This is an easy question to answer, Paulinho and, sadly, Sandro. Schneiderlin and Capoue are Poch’s type of central midfielders. Physical combative yes, but also possessing a certain elligance in their passing styles and an increased vision. Neither of our Brazillians I think fit such a mold. To be honest neither does Dembele however his skill set really does come in handy particularly when you need to keep possession with a lead. I also can see Bentaleb being developed into this type of role quote effectively albeit after being given time

  3. Can’t see Southampton doing deals with Spurs at any price and why would he want the move, He’s now with a world class manager

  4. Spurs need to get rid of all the current donkeys – Paulinho, Rose, Capoue, Chadli, Sigurdsson, Dembele.

    Then we can focus on Tom Carroll, Holtby, Lamela, Eriksen, Pritchard and any new players who come in.

    • What are you talking about? Most of the players you listed to move on are good players and the likes of Carroll, Holtby and Pritchard will be lucky to ever become close to being as good. Pritchard is the only one that has a chance. Holtby and Carroll are so overrated by spurs fans it is embarrassing to be honest, especially Carroll!

  5. He is not the midfielder we need. Why are we getting all caught in the smoke of the transfer period? What we need is a crazy striker, a solid left back, and a hulking central defender. Well, I guess we could use a few solid wingers as well… OK, now that I think of it… we could use a back up 10 as well.

  6. defo need left back, rose don’t cut the mustard and also need a couple of centre backs. 1 quality mdf and 2 quality strikers nothing wrong with the players we got just need to strengthen the squad vertonghen is quality in left or cb position and defo agree schniderling aint the geezer we need in the middle of the park.

  7. Chadli.siggy.holtby.sandro and please let the no Morales vertongen all to go. holtby runs around a lot but goes nowhere, siggy never really fitted in anywhere, sandro is that good he can’t even get in the poorest Brazil squad in years, chadli is just shit . Sorry to say but after a fair first season vertongen has showed his true colors he could not give a shit about spurs his performances last season where awful bad attitude bad body language . Let’s get some players in with a bit of fight for me and I Dout many will agree but delph from villa not the best I know but has the qualitys we lack will tell players to pull there fingers out which you must admit we don’t have any one who dose that. Bony from Swansea also a left back and two centre halves but I very much Dout that will happen with that useless prick levy in charge .

  8. I think Sandro will obviously make way, he’s solid but i think hes lacked a bit of consistency. I for one think shneiderlin would be great. He would sit just behind eriksen and Paulinho which would allow Paulinho to get forward he is strong and explosive i think he was hindered last season. I wouldnt like to Sandro go though i think he would be a good squad player, but if he wants to leave that would be understabdable. We obviously have glaring weaknesses in center back, left back and striker positions which im sure poch will full appropriately. I would also like to see a winger being signed, Lennon had a very average season and townsend has not quite come into his own yet although i have faith in him. Looking forward to the season though, i think Poch is a great young manager with huge potential he definitely has my backing. COYS

  9. oh sweet. another midfielder.

    we need more game winners.

    bloody gooners keep on stealing all the good attacking midfielders!

  10. Lessons learnt – we spend £100m in 7 very average players and expect them to gel, only 2 have promise, the scum spend the same on 3 player with Ozil, Sanchez and sone to sign Kadhera, not sure Baldini has a fucking clue, and who employed him, I think Joe should come to the front and inform them both they have 1 more season and stop buying wankers, and what makes matter worse, when they want a player they go to the board……who give the ok…Does the ring any bells…..the FA….also no idea, it needs to start from the top.. you can’t polish a terd


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