Having snatched victories in games all season with last minute goals, Spurs were on the receiving end against Leicester today.

Tottenham were dumped out of the FA Cup as they let a 1-0 lead slip, conceding two goals in the closing minutes. Leicester’s winner was a real sickener for anyone at White Hart Lane, as Michel Vorm somehow let Jeff Schlupp’s tame shot slip through his grasp.



  1. What an absolute joke again, can’t score from open play at home to a side we should be beating easily, same thing happened against Sheffield UTD and we struggled against Sunderland too, if Daniel Levy doesn’t go out now and secure a couple of CLASS strikers he has to go.

  2. I’m afraid we will never be a force in any competition until levy goes , we get rid of about 50,% of a poor squad and get some rich owners who will spend money to get world class players. At the moment there is too much ‘rotation’ too to give the players a chance to get use to playing together.

  3. No Kane, Eriksen, or Chadli (for obvious reasons), I don’t know who was going to score from open play – Adebayor gave up a long time ago and Soldado has already scored once this season. Leaving out one of the worlds best keepers is a joke. The manager has to take the blame for this result – you could never predict his starting 11 it seems to be randomly generated.

    • Agree agree agree we are going no where Poch is unpredictable but the team is not.Always look like we will concede and struggle to create if Erissen/Kane is off we wont score sadly we are no better than last year,How do you play Fazio and Kaboul together where were they for the two goals
      the keeper has F/u but where is the marking defending?????

  4. Just based on this clip, what terrible defending all round. Cross comes in from right – where is Rose? And then there are 2 spurs defenders and just 1 attacker and they allow him that much space. And then Vorm totally screws up. Hopefully this means lloris will play in the league cup.

  5. We lost because Poch chose to play with 10 men for the last 20 minutes. as instructed by Levy. It is time for Levy to bite the bullet and buy out Adebayor. He is not worth anything, nobody wants him and its pointless to pretend that he can recover form. He drags the team down. We need him gone and we need a striker to help Kane and Soldado on the front end. Benteke, Balotelli would be fine – Just a journeyman striker with some skills. Adebayor destroys the team building work that Poch has done when he plays.

  6. Vorm is bound to be a little rusty, with the lack of playing time. Can’t blame him for that.

    I notice that you don’t show his two world class saves that he made to keep us in the tie…

  7. Can we move on from the sack levy bulls##t? or at least realise he won’t sack himself!
    Spurs as a club have improved more than any other top club since he’s been running things, and if you can’t see that your just another bleeting sheep following the media line.

  8. @Jamie. very correct. Vorm made two amazing saves. Unfortunately a howler, but like you said, he’s rusty! Cant compare him to Hugo-as there are not too many people in the world who can compare to him. Only neuer, cortouis, de gea and buffon.

    Onwards and upwards. Bit more normality this week.We do need to bring in someone to relieve Kane and Eriksen. Would love to add ings and a little more hopeful-depay or schurrle-show some ambition for once!

  9. poch aintt asa got a clue too many changes and players bought in are just now good enough we need a major clearout yet again ade chirices kaboul paulinho capoure out asap


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