One of the strangest aspects of Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with West Ham was how few Spurs fans were still in the stadium when Harry Kane equalised.

Surely this team have proved beyond any serious doubt that they are never out of a game? They have scored so many late goals this season that it was baffling to see so many supporters shuffling out when the score was 2-1, especially considering the opposition.

At the end of the match Harry Kane was caught on camera revealing the secret of Spurs’ new status as football’s comeback kings. You don’t have to be a lip reading expert to know what he’s saying here.



  1. Glad to see the fighting spirit in this team, this is what has let spurs down over the years, BELIEF!!! that you can beat any team in the world. Major worry is that we cant play good football after a midweek game, coach has to rotate his players and believe in his fringe players, our best 11 must be kept fresh for the league matches without a doubt and if that means changing between 6 to 11 players so that we can go on and beat the best in this league then so be it i say


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