West Brom released a statement today in which they claim that they have turned an offer from Spurs from Saido Berahino.

The Baggies chairman Jeremy Peace said: “We have no interest in selling Saido which is what I have told Daniel Levy.

“I know we are living in an age where no club can say ‘never’ about the possibility of selling a player.

“However, the prospect of selling Saido is simply not on our agenda.

“We are going forward with Saido very much in our plans and still striving to add players to improve the balance of our squad.”

Tottenham fans should not despair. The mere fact that West Brom are making a public statement says a lot. It seems as if Peace is trying to make it clear to WBA fans that they are not actively trying to sell the player, yet it’s carefully worded so that the possibility of Berahino leaving has not been ruled out.

Put simply Spurs have made an opening bid that is too small. Well knock us down with a feather. Negotiations will doubtless continue and all we can do is hope that they don’t go on too long.

Saido, we’ll see you on deadline day.



  1. fazio and berahino all in one day. this will end up happening no doubt…the question is will this be it or will we try and get another target man to replace Kane (looks unlikely) or a defensive mid or a guy called yarmolenko (please sign him now) ?

  2. This is probably another one of Daniel Levy’s crafty plots to show the gullible and deluded Spurs fans that his intention is to sign Berahino.At 23.59 on transfer deadline day WBA will reveal that the sum offered was not enough and Berahino stays at WBA and we sign f… all.Mr Levy then states,knowing full well that the deal was ” never on” anyway, that he did try.Interesting to read that we are the only Premiership club to make a profit on transfers in last 5 years – £50M+ at that which is not bad.I really don’t trust Levy and Enic more than I could throw them.It is a bit like stating that I have tried to sleep with all the Miss Worlds of the last 40 years but have never succeeded with any of them- well I did try.

    • I just wish one of you Levy haters would for once show the world where in the accounts of the club any money has been taken out by the directors apart from their wages? Because as far as I can see they have done nothing but re- invest profits into the club. Yes they have made a profit player trading in the last 5 years, for the 10 years before that they invested inwardly to the tune of an average of £15m a year. The training ground cost £70m the stadium will cost £450m now. They do what they think will progress the club without sending it skint. That’s why they are there and you are trying to pull miss world.

      • Doubt it!
        It’s most fabricated. Take the ‘making a low bid to pretend to Spurs fans he was trying to buy a player when he really wasn’t’ nonsense, for instance: there is an alternative narrative where Spurs (not just Levy, there is a transfer committee, FFS) match the price set which is then raised, several times, and then the would-be selling club basically says ‘tough, you matched our price but we ain’t selling anyway’. Like with Schneiderlin last summer, for instance. Southampton quite clearly decided they would not sell any players to Spurs due to the Pochettino defection, hardened when they realised they had sold way too many players and the fans were on the verge of revolt. Just why anyone has to make up a narrative where Southampton have set a price that Levy is refusing to pay, but the Saints board go along with pretending that isn’t whats happening, it’s beyond me.

        Then there are the constant claims that he should ‘just pay the price’ when buying and ‘just stop trying to wring every penny out of every deal so we can buy before deadline day’ when selling. I once asked one of the whingers to calculate if Levy accept a couple of million less for each sale* and paid a couple of million more on each purchase, just how that would effect net-spend, debt and the financial debt of the club. There was no attempt at an answer.
        *And some of these deals, like for instance the enforced sale of Berbatov, that is just the half of it. Fergie did what Fergie used to do, used the media to tap the player up. He then offered a clearly derisory £21 million at the start of the summer, and left a clearly complicit Berbatov to agitate his way out of WHL and into OT. He played his part to full effect, including refusing to play. Realising it was impossible to keep a player who there had been no previous intention to sell, permission was given at the last minute to travel to Manchester to talk to Citeh – where he was whisked away in a taxi by United. Levy was pretty much presented with a fait accompli. I just don’t get why Spurs fans are peeved at Levy and not Ferguson and United. What should he have done? Anticipated that a player who he didn’t want to sell would refuse to play at the start of the season? Based on that accept the £21 million from United (£10 less than the eventual price)? It’s nonsense.

        • Too long winded – it’s almost like you’re trying to convince yourself that the sun shines out of levy’s bottom lol. Well here’s a fact for you; we are in decline and the laughing stock of the PL when it comes to transfers, Levy has the final word on every transfer, the buck stops at the top. We will get nowhere near to filling the shiny new stadium at this rate and flashy training facilities don’t earn you points on match-days. Get real, this isn’t a managerial computer game.

      • Spot on Baza… Levy has sanctioned the purchase of players to appease opinion ending up with players not performing…..as they adjust

  3. Despair about not getting Berahino? Why? This guy has scored only 19 goals since 2011.

    We have just got rid of one non-scoring striker (who had at least arrived with a proud goalscoring record). Why are Spurs paying top dollar to be lumbered with another?

    In the same period, ie since 2011, Charlie Austin has scored fully 87 goals for Burnley and QPR – almost five times as many as Berahino. And he has been available for £15m all summer.

    Please God, Pochettino will now see sense and bring in a striker who can hit the net.

    • Amen brother..
      I can see another tantrum posturing young man.. already stating that he wants to move to spurs.. we’ll see it again in two seasons when he wants to go to one of the Manchester clubs or chavski.
      Charlie Austin all day long .. No brainer … hold on.. actually I’d REALLY like that Zlatan Geezer

    • Unfortunately you can’t guarantee any striker will hit the net, even by buying a PL striker, plenty of those haven’t worked out.

      • Unfortunately, Berahino’s record suggests he can be relied on NOT to hit the net on a regular basis.

        In the equivalent four-year period before they joined Spurs, Defoe had already scored 47 goals, Robbie Keane 49 and Sheringham nearly 100.

        Fail to see any logic in this one. Especially as Austin could be had for much less money.

      • Agreed. Actually £18 plus Fax should suffice. So that just leaves Lennon, Adey and either one of Lamela or Townsend to go. personally I would keep Townsend, local boy and wants to play for Spurs. Lamela mentally doesnt seem to be able to handle the PL so back to Italy for say £20M giving us funds to find a decent DM, hopefully Sven Bender. The Lennon-Miralles swap deal should be re-kindled, that looks like a decent younger, hungrier, pacier squad to me.

  4. The Albion don’t make statements regarding the sale of players unless they are absolutely certain that a deal won’t be done. They have never done it in fact. Peace has sent a clear message that we don’t want to sell Saido there are no lines to read between here.
    Joel g
    Berahino has only played in one team alongside Harry Kane. He outscored him in less games when they shared the same bit of grass with the U21s and the U21s bombed at the Euros with Kane and without Berahino so show a bit of respect. Albion play extreme defensive football under Pulis. Kane gets far more chances to score in an attacking Spurs set up as does Austin who plays for attacking, sometimes gung ho clubs who basicly paid the price for thier over zelous attacking style (we found that out after our second relegation from the Prem). Berahino picks the ball up from all over the pitch and scores some great goals. He is a quality player which I doubt many Spurs fans will have seen, unless you watch all the Albion games as well as the Spurs games? No? I thought not.
    Happy that Saido will be staying. He can now concentrate on his football and developing as a player instead of being underappreciated at Spurs. Good luck for the season. After what I’ve read from your fans it looks like you can keep Fazio especially if your price rockets after the statement. Which it will. Now if you had offered Townsend as a sweetener I think there might have been a different story. We need a quality winger.

    • If used need a quality winger, then why do understand want Townsend? One trick pony that you are welcome to, I will even drive him myself!

  5. I would much rather get Austin fo £15 million – a better character and more of a target man, plus he has the desire to suceed we need – anywhere near £25 million would be a huge risk for Berahino

  6. Why would Berahino want to go to what next season will be the third biggest club in London? He won’t win anything there and if he gets another 12-15 goals this season he is virtually guaranteed a move to a top five prem side. Admittedly he may be more likely to get an England cap turning out for Spurs and a bigger wage packet – but what happens if a top 4 side come in for Harry Kane in the Jan window?

    • Maybe he thinks he can make the difference between 5th and 4th, maybe he wants to play in London, maybe he thinks pochetino will be his best trainer going forward or maybe he just wants the cash on offer. Whatever is the truth he clearly thinks he’s out grown WBA and he’s right.

    • Erm, because the third biggest club in London are the currently the fifth best club in the Premier League, whereas his current club (the second – maybe third – biggest club in Birmingham) are currently the 13th best club in the Premier League.
      Because Spurs have history? Because Spurs have more money? Because Spurs have better players? Because Spurs have better facilities? Because Spurs have better coaching staff? Because Spurs have a bigger ground? Because Spurs have a new ground in the pipeline? Because he’ll be paid more? Because he’d have a decent and familiar strike partner? Because his England chances would improve?
      Take your pick kiddo.

      • Actually, let me add a few more: Because Spurs are in Europe? Because he actually fancies winning something (remind me, when did WBA last get to a final, let alone win one? – and, for the record, Spurs last got to one last year and last won one in 2008)? Because relegation battles aren’t his thing?

        • West brom were founder members of the football league Erik. So, more history as older. Same division, we won a championship in 2009, that’s actually winning a league. How do you know your club has more money, check the facts Erik, West Brom are one of a few clubs actually trading in the black, meaning, self supported by revenue. If being big means massively in debt like Liverpool, Chelsea and man utd then you are probably right. Better players, are these the ones who got beat by little West Brom at that massive, hugely supported stadium? Better chances of playing for England? Why? He wants to live in London? Yep, I can see the attraction there, but only if Chelsea or Arsenal come in for him. He’ll stay up here where we drink proper beer otherwise. You lot are as deluded as the dingles from Wolverhampton, yo ay mossive Ower kid, you’m only a bladder.

          • Oh dear.
            Spurs are one of the few clubs in the top flight that is run off its own revenues. Congrats if WBA are too. Unfortunately, the revenues WBA are run off are at a considerably lower level than the ones Spurs are ran off. There seems to be a delusion going around that Spurs are massive spenders and hence massively in debt. They actually have the lowest (THE lowest) net spend of any club in the top division.

            The ‘history’ is a funny one. I actually read a post by a Saints fan this summer, getting in a frothy rant about Spurs wanting to buy Schneiderlin. He seemed okay with the idea of him going to Liverpool – which would have made him the sixth (or is it seventh) player they had pinched off the Saints. Why should they sell to Spurs, all Spurs had over Southampton ATM was history! Strange argument, really, because Spurs have finished above Liverpool in five of the last six seasons, and Liverpool have finished seventh or lower on three of the last six seasons – but ‘only history’ didn’t seem to be an impediment to selling to Liverpool. LoL.

          • What wonderful used of good old Anglo saxon Christopher…. Your parents if you know who they are would be so proud. You obviously are a londoner with that name, probably never been to a game in your life. Carry on giving out the parking tickets. Lots of love from the FBDF.

  7. Close the door on this business with WBA. They are not interested in selling Saido and Saido is not pushing for an exit. We don’t need to sell Fazio to WBA. Fazio can used as bait elsewhere. Charlie Austin is available and I believe would be worthy wearing the Spurs shirt. Just as important we need to start including Trippier, Pritchard, Alli into the fray and allow the likes of Bentaleb and Lamela quiet time to reflect. We have a very active player at G. Rangers already making his mark, (I personally think Pochittino may have missed an opportunity here.) Pushing another talent away to quickly. Still that’s ok, Nathan should benefit hugely under Warburton. So, buy Charlie Austin now, he can train a couple of days with Spurs and can play Saturday. Some players are meant to buy cheap and sell for profit, others are long term that belong to a club for always. The strength of a team is built from the strength of it’s foundation. At the moment I consider Kane, Lloris, Mason and Trippier (although he’s just arrived, I have high hopes), Danny Rose, Davies, Walker and Alderweireld as the beginnings of a strong foundation. If these players don’t let us down then all the new additions, Dier, Alli, Pritchard, Yedlin, Oduwa (eventually), Winks, players like these will be perfect framework for a very successful team. We just need a coach/manager to see the light and spirit in this particular group and give them direction. They deserve to have a coach who has the courage to exercise a courageous winning mentality.

  8. Baggymart: Spurs are a top 5 PL club ! Can’t see WBA winning anything or getting close to that position.Dream on deluded. Prefer Austin too!!

  9. Its a matter of time when we sack potty trust me I bloody well hope not thou but another average season and Levi’s guna get pissed
    Let’s face it sacking Harry was ur downfall we have gone backwards after that buying some slow shit players and same dumb ass system

  10. We r buying young developing which have no experience it is a whole process which is guna take 3-4 seasons to mature then we will sell on like a well oiled business which Spurs is now
    We need fuckin game changers like ginolas keane sheringham bera and bring Lennon back the team is crying out for pace we have slow defensive players Toby and jan r slow you can’t play the high pressing game wiv slow defensive players
    High speed attackers and defensive players

  11. Let’s bring some sanity to this debate. By your previous premiership history you are a bigger club than the Baggies. However historically we do go farther back than spurs and our record in the old first division against spurs was not bad.
    But that doesn’t win you games now but you’ll find we have a better record against you in the prem.than all of what you would claim to be the top six teams. As all the baggie fans sing ” we know what we are “and that is somewhere between 10 and 17.Pulis will guarantee that.
    With regards to Berahino he’s not really worth the 15 million
    thrown about by your London press.because that’s where this as all come from.in our local press it’s been stated by reporters who are close to what goes on that we have not had a bid from you or anybody else .Pulis also as stated that.But what as been a factor is the sum of 25 million
    As been consistently stated if and when the Baggies might sell.Dont underestimate Jeremy Peace he only pays or sells at the price he decides whatever you think about Levy I can assure you he hasn’t met anybody like Peace.
    And like Baggiemamc said don’t try and be clever and read between the lines there aren’t any.For Peace to come out and make the statement he did meant what he said.
    If your looking for clues read the line when he said its not in our agenda.Saido came from our academy and peace is a great defender of that especially after Chelski stole izzy brown 2 yrs ago.So if as he says there is a price all clubs have to consider (Bale.Ronaldo.etc etc)it won’t be what spurs want to pay but what peace decides.Personally if we get 25 million you’ve been robbed but you have in the past look at Soldado and others.Peace often makes a profit or breaks even on players.Berahinos goals to minutes ratio is 1.to 272.. So if you think that’s going to propel you into the top 4 think again.All I want as an albion fan is let’s get it sorted so we can buy someone else before September.
    Because I’d take your 25 million you are going to have to pay now.But I’m not Jeremy.
    Best of luck for the rest of the season except for two games


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