There were some good individual performances last night in Tottenham’s 3-1 victory over Aston Villa and we want you to let us know just who you thought was best.

Separate the wheat from the chaff by giving your marks out of ten below.

[statsfc-player-rater key=”jCrHmsnQeSqxkGjCn2r26DkdNbKC4WIzYzF_IZ3J” competition=”EPL” team=”Tottenham” date=”2015-11-03″]



  1. Now I’ve told the world I’m gay are there any takers? Please I’m desperate, bumbum. Levy out Levy out Levy out Levy out.

  2. Lloris – 6 (poor pass that put Dier in trouble which almost led to a goal; went too far out for a punch too)
    Rose – 7 (decent defense; many crosses hit the first guy)
    Vertongen – 7 (could he have avoided the deflection?)
    Alderwierld – 8 (confident and quick)
    Walker – 7 (good defense; still could create more)
    Dier – 8 (most consistent player on the pitch almost every week)
    Alli – 8 (creative and confident; need more like him)
    Lamela – 6 (he gets an assist but he’s really a bit helter-skelter much of the time)
    Eriksen – 7 (great pass at the end; overall consistent game although his corners are not as good at home)
    Dembele – 7 (first run on goal was incredibly strong; good the rest of the time; absence led to goal?)
    Kane – 7 (perfect finish at the end, but I think he misses key passes in his effort to show he can score)

  3. Hugo 7
    Walker 8 Toby 8 Jan 7.5 Rose 7.5
    Ali n Dier 8
    Coco 8.5 Eriksen 7.5 Moussa 8.5 and moment of the game
    Our Own Harry 8

    Mason 6, Debutant 7.5, Davies 6.5


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