Reports claim that Spurs will sign Vincent Janssen from AZ Alkmaar this week.

West Ham are thought to have made a late bid for Janssen, only to be turned down by the Dutch striker who has set his mind on a move to White Hart Lane.

With Janssen having already rejected a move to PSG, a transfer to Tottenham looks inevitable with the details set to be ironed out this week. Here’s how Spurs supporters reacted to the news on Twitter.



    • That is because you do not understand very much and just believe what the biased media tell you. Sorry, but it is the truth.

      If you take Batshuayi as one example: Levy didn’t haggle over every penny and leave everything to the last minute but both before and after Chelsea signed him that is all I have seen from Spurs fans like you on sites like this. The truth is, Spurs lost interest in him three months ago because his price was going to get silly, he was asking silly wages for someone of his age and experience, and he wanted guarantees about starting. He’s gone to Chelsea, overcoming his scruples about only signing for a club that is in the CL because they are irresponsible enough and scummy enough to meet his silly wage demands. And, likely, he will have to overcome his scruples about guaranteed starts, as well – unless he really is stupid or naïve enough to really believe someone of his age and experience is really going to be Chelsea’s senior striker with a guaranteed starting role. See, nothing to do with Levy haggling and penny-pincher. Just professionals who have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. Did you know that Pochettino, who has an MBA, has stated publicly that he sits on a committee where they all agree on an accepted value for targets and if the price goes above that the club will move on with his full understanding and consent.

      As for how Peace behaved over Berahino and everyone blamed Levy, don’t even get me started. Levy met his price three times and twice Peace upped the price, third time he just said he wasn’t going to sell regardless. As for leaving us without another striker and having no plan B, Pochettino has stated publicly that this was at his insistence as he didn’t want a player in the squad who he didn’t want and he would probably want rid of within the year (we all remember how difficult it was getting Adebayor off the payroll, right!?!). Levy offered him alternatives, including Dean Ashton – Poch just didn’t want them (not knocking Poch, I agree with him).

      We aren’t Citeh or Chelsea – our Chairman acts responsibly. And in doing so has made us competitive with a new training centre and soon a new stadium. An exciting young squad and a great youth set-up, while operating within our costs, and all you can do is slag him off because we haven’t signed a player quickly enough when the transfer window has only been open for four days. Really? Sssshhhhhhhhhh!

  1. Won’t make top 4 this season all the big teams like Chelsea Manchester it’d and city and arsenal all buying decent players

      • True dat!

        Managers without experience in this league can be caught out by the speed, intensity and competitive nature of virtually every game. There are no gimmes in this league! Same goes for overseas players. We have the team, they are trying to get theirs. Our squad will improve due to another year’s maturity and experience, another year’s coherence and stability, and buying players – Wanyama already, likely Janssen too. And Pochettino will have that extra year of experience, too – we tend to forget how relatively young he is.

        But let’s forget all this and boo-,hoo because some other clubs have spent lots of money! Funnily enough, I can remember Spurs fans doing this last season, too – whining and whining about how all the ‘big’ clubs had spent money and were certain to finish way, way above us ?

  2. I am not that up to date with this player other than what I read but it is very encouraging to know he only wants to play for Spurs. What I like is he is not only a player for now but the long term. One thing is for sure Spurs are building for the future.

  3. If we get Janssen and the Paraguay-guy..- I’ll be happy.
    Forget Icardi to 38 K £.
    If we get these two forwards – I’m really looking forward to the nesxt season.


  4. On YouTube Janssen looks good. A bit like Kane in style, can score in or outside of the box. At £16m approx and with his stated desire to come to WHL he should be snapped up. I know Levy haggles over a tuna sandwich at Subway but I don’t think even he will mess this one up.

  5. If Vincent Janssen does Does Arrive at Spurs i For one will be So Glad
    He is A Proven Goal Scorer who could go on to be a Spurs Legend
    People May Question his Lack of Pace, i would Remind Them that a Certain
    Mr Jimmy Greaves Never had Blistering Pace and he didn’t Do to Badly Did He ?

  6. If this signing does happen, I will be happy. But as usual Levy is hassling over money,

    Sometimes he gets on my nerves, we have lost some good players in the past. Due to his niggling.
    He will get most of the back through CL and tv revenue

  7. Levy shopping at poundland again we have the rc rights money and in the champion s and he’s still unwilling to reach deeper into his pockets I thought we could make a signal of intent in transfer window obviously wrong ! Buying mediocre playing again that will be sols on in the coming seasons instead if buying a potential world class player for a big fee that will improve us for years to come

    • This guy is no”poundland” signing. I think he will be a good addition to the team, and if we learned anything from Leicester last season, a good ‘team’ can do a damned site better than a group of individuals with a couple of superstars that are just there for the money. We already have a very good ‘team’ and a couple more of the right type of players could make us even more formidable. I don’t remember anybody singing from the rooftops when we signed Alli and Dier, but look how integral a part of the team they are. Given the time Jannsen could be just as important to us as they are. Let’s just get the deal done.

      • Well said Spanish spur, it’s all about the team! You only have to look at Leicester! Wales and Iceland in the Euros is another example and Spurs have it in spades! I grew up in Tottenham and witnessed first hand the great double team from the 60’s and I now have that same feeling back for the current setup! Stop the knocking, let the professionals take of the business and get behind our great club COYS!

  8. Pochettino has proven to always make the best out of what he gets, Janssen or no Janssen, I believe in our coach’s transformative ability.

  9. I watched him at AZ Alkamaar as I follow the Dutch league and I have to say I was really excited about his arrival. Great hold up play, good finisher and his goals helped Alkamaar to one of their best seasons. There is a risk though, I felt he needed one more season and adapting to the English league isn’t the easiest.

    I personally would like to see Tottenham explore the 3-5-2 as well as the double pivot 4-2-3-1 as we have two of the best wing backs in the country. Jansen can play off or alongside Kane with Deli Ali feeding them.

    Hope we nab him.

  10. Strikers are not all about pace. Sure it helps in some situations but we have overlapping LB and RB in walker and rose to feed the middle. We have play makers with Erikson and Dembele and we have trickery with Alli and Lamela. All of those areas help to feed the ball. Strikers like Kane score 30+ because of their positioning which is more likely to net a goal than blazing speed. Janssen is showing position which the dutch do well. Cant be much worse than having addy or soldado backing him up 😉

  11. If we secure Janssen and Badelj alongside Wanyama as our signings for this summer, I’ll be reasonably happy. Son still has to fully settle and N’Jie is only now returning to full match fitness. Bentaleb, Mason and Chadli to go and help balance the books.


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