Countless reports suggest Tottenham have equalled their transfer record of £30 million to bring in Moussa Sissoko.

But how much are Spurs really paying Newcastle for the French midfielder? An exclusive report in The London Evening Standard suggests the deal is far more complicated than it seems.

In response to Tottenham’s opening offer of £16 million on deadline day, Newcastle responded by naming their price: £30 million to be paid in five instalments £6 million.

The Evening Standard suggests Spurs will abide by Newcastle’s wishes, but the instalments will stop when Sissoko leaves White Hart Lane, whether that’s before the end of his five-year contract or not.

That means if Sissoko stays with Tottenham for three seasons, until he is 30, Spurs will have only paid £18 million for him. And they could still make much of that back by selling the player.

Many will be quick to praise more shrewd business by chairman Daniel Levy, but Everton were likely offered a similar deal. Newcastle were keen to get another want-away off the books.

What do you think? More smart business by Levy? Or is £6 million a year still too much?



  1. Great deal as i believe he will have the fire in his belly to prove that he is the player we saw at the Euros.
    his first season at the Toon showed us that he is a dangerous player. When you have other quality players around you pushing for the starting line-up, you have to show up and be part of the winning culture. Poch is a master of team work and he will get the best out of this man.

    • Also, look at how many managers he has played under while at Newcnutsal, from the time he signed to leaving: Pardew, Carver, McClaren and Benitez. All which used him different from the next.

  2. Win-win situation for Spurs. If he is poor after 1 season, we would have only spent £6m and could probably sell him on for £10m to Hull 🙂

    Don’t be a Levy hater….he knows what he is doing!

      • The report says that the payments stop when he leaves. If he leaves after 3 seasons, we would only pay £18m – seems crazy tbh but just going by what the report above says.

  3. I like Newcastle even though I am a spurs fan with the likes of Gazza , Waddle and Ginola gracing our colours in years past ….so for me it’s just a never ending story to me……..(even though you beat us 5-1 last season lol).

    It also leaves Newcastle with some much needed outside cash injection for a club that belongs with the big boys regardless of an owner not willing to spend……

    So it is good for both sets of fans and for the beautiful game!!!

    This is just the opinion of a girl living now living Wales ……raised near North London with a Geordie for a Grandmother.

  4. Good business and fair play to Newcastle for the payment scheme. Six mil a year for what he has the potential to deliver? We have seen the good qualities and the bad qualities, it’s up to MP and associates to get the best out of him and ensure Moussa feels good about himself, his contributions to the club and his responsibilities. He will find the group of players he will be teamed with are all good, unselfish hard working players who have the will to win. Onward to glory. COYS!

  5. Let’s get the facts on phasing and deal still seems a little clouded all.

    My own opinion is last minute deals always appear to smack of desperation …? but I hope not in this instance -! Coys

  6. We should also take into consideration that Newcnutsal are still on the hook for £17m they owe Spurs for the transfers of Townsend (£12m) and Yedlin (£5m). Those deals will presumably offset this. Spurs could realistically only be paying £13m for Sissoko.

  7. 30m is peanuts in the new media deal . we get approx £100m so its about 1/3rd of that we give them tv rights we get 3 players and move on some deadwood each season . The premiership should be able to sign better players and alls good with the world . How much did we really fork out well IMHO media deals are Money for nothing .


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