Dele Alli could face disciplinary action after raising his middle finger during England’s 2-1 win over Slovakia at Wembley on Monday evening, according to the Guardian.

There were suggestions Alli had made the gesture towards referee Clement Turpin.

But England manager Gareth Southgate was quick to point out after the match that Alli was simply joking around with former Spurs teammate Kyle Walker.

“Kyle and Dele were mucking about, and Dele’s made a gesture towards Kyle,” Southgate said. “I don’t know what the angle picked up by the camera is, so I don’t know if that is clear.

“The pair of them have a strange way of communicating but that’s what they’ve said when it’s been raised.”

Alli himself later clarified that he had indeed made the gesture towards Walker.

Regardless, the Guardian believes FIFA “may still choose to scrutinise the incident.”

Away from Alli’s incident, it was a good night for another Tottenham player – Eric Dier scored a first half equaliser to set England on the path to victory.



  1. You can’t even scratch you balls during a game and the nonces masquerading as journalist pick it up and immediately suggest a fine winging its way from FIFA. Next to be outlawed will be the act of swearing and spitting. Footballers will be required to wear habits in the appropriate team colours and sandals instead of boots with studs on the soles.


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