An image purported to be Tottenham Hotspur’s new kit for the 2018/19 season is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Reddit user robmadmob posted the photo on Reddit this week, leading to plenty of speculation as to whether it is indeed the real deal.

Spurs are yet to make any confirmation or show any pictures of next season’s kit.

Full kit on display in Indonesia from r/coys

As you can see above, the kit is said to be on display in an Indonesian store. There’s no reason to believe the Indonesian market would have exclusive early access to the kit, but stranger things have happened.

The shirt is certainly an improvement on the current one. Many supporters have voiced their displeasure at the white to blue fade on the 2018/19 top, so Tottenham may have dispensed with it.

Sponsor AIA’s logo is still red, which is sure to frustrate fans for obvious reasons…

The shorts and socks are a bit plain but stylish all the same. However, they could simply be any given set of Nike training gear.

If any part of the kit is real, it’s probably the shirt. But at this stage it’s simply impossible to know.



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