Tottenham’s wretched Premier League run continued on Thursday night following a 1-0 defeat at Chelsea.

Jorginho’s first-half penalty was enough for Thomas Tuchel’s men, who cruised to an easy victory at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to leave Spurs seven points off the top-four.

Here’s how every Spurs player rated on the night.

Hugo Lloris, 7 – Dived the right way for the penalty, but couldn’t get a hand to it. Did well to prevent Dier from scoring an embarrassing won goal and then made a sharp late save from Mason Mount.

Serge Aurier, 6 – Missed a golden chance to head home the equaliser on the stroke of half-time, but made amends with an outstanding second-half block to deny Timo Werner in the box. Laid one on a plate for Vinicius, who somehow headed wide.

Toby Alderweireld, 6 – Dealt with most things that came his way, and was one of a few outfield players to come away with any credit.

Eric Dier, 2 – A horrible night from start to finish. Conceded the penalty with a clumsy tackle on Werner and almost scored a comical own goal, but luckily for him Lloris cleared.

Ben Davies, 5 – Shaky performance throughout in which he lacked quality at both ends.

Moussa Sissoko, 4 – Returned to the midfield, but struggled and was poor in possession.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, 5 – Tried to keep pushing Spurs forward, but it didn’t happen.

Tanguy Ndombele, 5 – Produced some nice moments, but his passing was generally quite poor before he was taken off.

Steven Bergwijn, 4 – Offered nothing.

Heung Min Son, 4 – Fired straight at Edouard Mendy early on and did little else. Looks lost without Harry Kane and is bang out of form.

Carlos Vinicius, 4 – His hold-up play was poor, and his evening was summed up by a poor late miss from close-range when he really should’ve equalised.


Lucas Moura, 4 – Looked dangerous, but showed little end product.

Erik Lamela, 6 – Upped the intensity and almost scored a spectacular equaliser late on, but his late cameo performance wasn’t enough.



  1. Ben Davies was just as bad as Dopey Dier, both of them need to go in the summer along with Aurier and Sissoko, all four of them are so negative, slow and have absolutely no idea whatsoever. Following those out of the door should be ENIC, Lewis and Levy. We’ve had too many years under ENIC and nothing will change while their in control. TIME FOR A CHANGE !!

  2. I agree with the last post, Daniel Levy unbelievably gets a lot of credit for being a hard negotiator.
    He’s been responsible for the stadium going hundreds of millions over budget.
    Overseeing Mourinho on £16m a year, bringing in Sánchez, Soldado, Vinicius, Doherty, Reguillon (whose now returning to RM) paying Bale £300,000 per week.
    Messing about and not signing Fernandes and Dybala when they both wanted to come.
    We will finish 9th or 10th in the Premier League this year and in the most amount of debt and most likely with another manager.

    Levy should have backed Poch

    Levy should bugger off and get a proper job, he’s taken out millions and won 1 League
    Cup in 17 years

  3. Not sure if Jose can or wants to change his methods; never has a plan B.So stubborn and a leopard never changes its spots.
    Sure Levy has made huge mistakes and is now getting his comeuppance but he is paying Jose a fortune and deserved a better return for this investment.
    It is obvious the players don’t want to play for him and he has lost the dressing room.His position is untenable and surely his departure is the only solution, and yes it will be back to square 1 again.
    On that point, how can it be right that if a coach is sacked for not doing his job correctly, he can be paid a fortune in compensation.
    An employee not doing his job correctly is fired and that is that.
    I am not a fan of Levy by any means,but do feel sorry for him to a certain extent as he has to make some serious decisions,with the club on the brink.

    • “On that point, how can it be right that if a coach is sacked for not doing his job correctly, he can be paid a fortune in compensation.”

      Because he’s got a contract that is enforceable in law. Levy and Mourinho’s agent negotiated that contract.

  4. Dier by name and by performance. He will never make a Prem centre hald not big enough and far to slow .Gives the ball away regularly and should be sold off in the summer. The future has to be Rodon and Tanganga. We can`t seem to pass the ball forward unless Hoyberg is in position. We make more back passes than forward passes. Shocking. Could be time for the Special One yo look at himself as he is not getting the best out of this squad. Chelsea, Brighton. Liverpool, Leicester, Newcastle, West Ham, Everton Fulham Palace all failed to impose themselves on the opposition.

  5. Levy won’t sack Mourinho.

    He was a horrendous anti Spurs appointment. Sadly too many people, pundits and fans Alike were harping in about winning a trophy. So we went short term, serial winner Mourinho.

    Some were lauding it as genius, a highly successful manager (each time at one of the best teams in the league with huge spending power). Look at it ended at every club, horribly, terrible football, Mourinho singling players, blaming everyone but himself)

    We were spoilt under Poch, for some time we played fantastic football. There was real hope.

    Now other clubs are better managed, have better players and are over taking us.

    Mourinho was not a progressive appointment, he was a desperate punt at silverware and the fans are going to have to lump this car crash for some time.

    The saving grace is the stadium is empty, but every day the noise of dissent gets louder

  6. We have at spurs through Daniel levy always looked to buy players but they must always be at the right price for levy. Now while this sounds sensible you would never buy a car at £50k when you can buy it for far less elsewhere. When it comes to players this has meant we have bought the wrong players, sub standard below par and in some cases it has just been a matter of keeping them too long. Too many players fit this description at the moment at spurs. Sub standard below par or been there to long.
    Jose was brought in because he was free at the time, someone who had won even at man utd and was cheaper than a rebuild. However this squad needs a rebuild even Jose with his park the bus can see that. I think even more so that is why he is setting up the way he is, he knows our defenders are crap and can’t defend so he plays a hit them on the brake with everyone behind the ball when we don’t have it. The fault is not Jose the fault is with enic and levy not buying quality at the right time. We badly needed a top class centre half in the summer window we got rodon. While he looks decent we needed to move sanchez out and bring in a quality centre half with rodon. Aurier and Doherty no just no. We needed castaghne at Leicester. We needed greelish. We buy players to sell on so we can make money not so we can win trophies. That is the enic way the Daniel levy way and there is the Tottenham problem.
    If you are asking Santa to bring you silverware you are in my view an idiot with no understanding of football.

  7. Totally agree on the player front, the leaving everything till the last minute to try and drive down the price. He doesn’t get that if you get the players in as quickly as possible you get integrated into the squad and used to their surroundings and manager quickly. It’s good for the squad.

    This pathetic brinkmanship approach is just a game to him. It doesnt help the club. Other clubs have bought really well, Rodgers at Leicester has done a fantastic job with the the players he has bought in.

    The money we have spent on substandard tosh as opposed to proper strategic sensible buys. He has badly let the club down.

    The likes of Vinicius, Fernandes, Doherty arent anywhere near good enough.

    Recruitment has killed us.

    The manager isn’t right for Spurs, the squad isn’t good enough to win the league, but we should certainly be performing better than we are. The negative tactics encouraging the opposition to keep possesion and to keep attacking a very poor defensive isn’t logical. The more we get pushed back the more chance one of our rash players will make a mistake that will cost us a goal.

    The performances and style of football are dreadful, the players look bereft of confidence and even more worrying they seem scared to even try and mount an attack. We look absolutely clueless and they’re isn’t the fight in the team at the moment to turn it around

    We are miles behind the top four teams and at this rate with Chelsea improving, Everton, Villa and West Ham on the up, the Ar$e showing signs if life we could be looking at a struggle to be in the top 8.

    Depressing times, terrible football and no sign of improvement

  8. Some senior players need to be dropped from the squad, give Alfie Devine and some youngsters a chance. Dier Sissoko and Sanchez not good enough

  9. Not long ago these same players were top of the league. The problem looks obvious to me, Joses man management revolves around robotic obedience followed by bullying public outbursts undermining any sort of self esteem.
    There are better players not playing in the first team than those selected regularly. We have known for many years Dier is slow and cumbersome, with Toby getting older our central defence us suspect. So we sign a player with huge potential but Jose keeps telling us he’s not ready,( Rodon). He publicly crucified Sanchez so the guy is to scared to play. We’ve got Foyth who could have covered right back and I wouldn’t worry about Regulion going back, who we’ll make a profit on as we’ve got Sessegnon


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