Moussa Sissoko appears to have announced he will stay at Tottenham despite rumours of a potential exit.

The Frenchman was broadcasting live on Instagram when he responded to a fan’s question about his future by saying: “I’m not leaving if you[‘re] not happy just unfollow me.”

Spurs bought Sissoko for £30 million from Newcastle on deadline day last summer, but the 28-year-old endured a difficult first season at the club.

The midfielder has been linked with a loan move to Inter Milan in the Italian press.

Sissoko played the final 20 minutes of Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Burnley at the weekend.



  1. I truly hope than Janssen & Sissoko stay. They both have potential and even though they get limited play time; they do contribute.
    In my opinion – both the Chelsea and Burnley results came about because the whole team was trying to get a goal for Harry Kane. If they had not being doing that – We would have been ahead 3 or 4 to 1 at the 85th minute. Too bad but it’s done. August is over- Harry will be fine – Let’s shift the focus back to winning the games.

  2. Well said! Just one thing though, Vinny and Moussa have had chance upon chance and have been treated very fairly by Poch. Perhaps it’s in everyone’s interest that they move on.
    However if they stay because they really want to, then surely such committment can only pay dividends eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  3. If you add up the total minutes played by Janssen last season he played approx. 9.5 games and scored 6 goals

    not a bad return. Yes he scored 4 pens, but ask Man City about how easy it is to score them

  4. Nice one Cyril…Good post mate. Also I’m sure both players especially sissoko will have additional motivation with World Cup 2018 looming, assuming th Dutch and France qualify.

  5. the last two showings from Sissoko have been very good if he stays fine but no loan deal at any means if he goes then he must be sold

  6. Problem is inability of the team as set up to overcome deep lying defensive formations played against us. We need wingers that can get behind that’s what Harry thrives on; balls across the area facing goal

  7. I am not so convinced Sissoko wants to play for Spurs. He’s a breeze block on legs, indecisive and with out the quality set by Spurs standard. I would have thought that we have seen the best of him given the amount of opportunities provided. Could be his style does not fit the Tottenham way. Sissoko looks awkward when on the pitch with the others. I had hoped he could have turned himself around however I am beginning to have my doubts. Should he stay then I can support him as long as he makes a real effort to achieve positive results.

  8. A question I would like to ask is why do Spurs always leave there transfer business until the last minute? And do others agree that the transfer window should close at least a week before the season begins?


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